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(Everyday Use Of Mathematical Concepts

a circle is very useful for this purpose. Any way you turn the cover it is impossible to force it through the hole. All manholes are round so that their covers never slip through the pipes from the ground to the sewers. CIRCLE Circles are used in many real-world applications. since the distance from the center of the circle is always the same. Since polygons do not hold this property. .

Based on a given perimeter. . this information indicates that a great way to make use of materials and space is to form circles. Think about all the objects made of raw materials that are shaped into circles. compact discs. CIRCLE A circle is a figure that has an optimal area based on its perimeter. Similarly. cups. In essence. there is not another shape that has a smaller perimeter than a circle. such as plates. and digital video discs. All of these objects are designed to hold substances or information that take up space in a resourceful way. there is not another shape that has an area greater than a circle. based on a given area. pots.

Circular disks spin in an automobile engine .CIRLCE “The Application Of Circles In The Real World” 1. Used for aesthetic design purposes 6. To determine the age of certain trees 3. To determine the price of circular foods that have the same height 4. Helpful to farmers in determining the amount of space that a sprinkling system will cover 5. A trundle wheel 2.

then an object can have different linear velocities depending on its position on the circular object. a spinning object on a playground or at an amusement park. Therefore linear velocity increases as the radius increases . For example. such as a merry-go-round typically has a constant angular speed.CIRLCE “The connection between angular and linear speed” If the angular speed is held constant.

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