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A Psychological

Analysis of Matilda
A Final Project by Grace Valchar
Matilda (both a book and movie)


About Roald Dahl

The book was published in 1988
The movie was released in 1996

This story is about a very talented girl, Matilda, and her journey of discovering
herself and her abilities. She grew up in verbally abusive and negligent family and
so she learned to fend for herself at very young. Matilda was left home alone
during the days to pick up her father’s packages of stolen car parts, but her
curiosity drove her out and to the library. She was a child prodigy, but was not
appreciated by her family and did not attend school until she was almost 7.
There, she met Ms. Honey, a kind teacher that valued Matilda and her gifts.
Matilda also encountered Ms. Trunchbull, the evil principle and the abusive aunt
of Ms. Honey. Together, Matilda and Ms. Honey took down Ms. Trunchbull and
Matilda’s parents. Along the way, Matilda discovered magical telepathy powers
that guided her to live happily with Ms. Honey.
Critique of the Movie
Did I enjoy the movie? Who should watch it?
This is one of my favorite movies. I greatly Anyone should watch this film! It is very cute
enjoy the inspirational message that it as it features a 7 year old child prodigy, and it
contains about finding happiness with who is highly inspirational. Of course, the intended
you are as an individual, as well as standing audience is children -- as it is a children’s book
up for yourself and inflicting change. It was by Roald Dahl -- but anyone will smile when
especially enjoyable to watch through a the credits show at the end.
psychological perspective as all the
characters could have their behaviors
explained by their upbringing, genetics, or
Main Characters

Matilda Ms. Honey Ms. Trunchbull Harry Wormwood

Matilda is the main character. Ms. Trunchbull is one of two
(Matilda’s Dad)
She is about 7 years old and Ms. Honey is the beloved main antagonists in the movie. Matilda’s dad is the main
she is incredibly intelligent. She teacher that eventually adopts She is the evil principle, child- abuser in the family. He is in an
began reading novels by the Matilda. She was in a similar hater that abuses the school illegal car parts business and
time she was 4 and she is able position as a child that Matilda kids and uses intimidation to takes advantage of everyone he
to calculate large sums in her was in. get what she wants. meets. He is the other
head. antagonist in the story.
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