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Presentation On
“Performance Appraisal
(Modern Method)”

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surendra steven
Vinutha. R
Artheswari. S
 Meaning
 Methods
 Conclusion
 Bibliography
Merit rating is also termed as Performance
Appraisal…Performance Appraisal is the
process of measuring of quantitatively and
qualitively an employee’s past or present
performance, the background of his work
environment and about his future potential for
an organization….
Modern concerns use the following 5 methods for the
performance appraisal…….

 Assessment Centre
 Human Resource Accounting
 Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
 Management By Objectives
 360-Degree Performance Appraisal
 Cost accounting methods
Assessment Centre….
An assessment centre is a central location where the
managers may come together to participate in job
related exercises evaluated by trained observers…

Time Consuming..
Ratings are strongly influenced by the participants
interpersonal skills..
Candidates who receive a negative report may feel
Human Resource
Acconting methods
Human resource accounting method attaches
money values to the value of a firm's internal
human resources and its external customer
Behaviorally Anchored rating
scale (BARS)
It combines the benefits of critical incidents and
graphics rating scales by anchoring a scale with
specific behaviour examples of good or poor
St eps…
 Generate Critical Incidents
 Develop Performance Dimensions
 Reallocate Incidents
 Scale the Incidents
 Develop Final Instrument
Management by
MBO almost always refers to a comprehensive
organization wise goal setting and appraisal

 Set the organisational Goals

 Set Departmental Goals

 Discuss Departmental Goals

 Define expected results

 Performance Reviews

 Provide Feedback
360-Degree Performance
This technique is understood as systematic
collection of performance data on an individual or
group derived from a number of stake-holders, the
stake-holders being the immediate supervisors,
team members, customers, peers and self…
Cost accounting methods
This method evaluates an employee’s
performance in relation to the contribution of an
employee in monetary terms.
Here the rater evaluates the employee and the
benefits the organization derives from him/her.
The following factors are taken into
account in this method:
1. Cost of training the employee.
2. Quality of product or service rendered.
3. Accidents, damages, errors, spoilage,
wastages, etc.
4. The time spent in appraising the employee.
Thus the performance Appraisal of an employee if
carried out in a constructive and positive way will
evolve the best in him and will go a long way in
increasing the working potential. It will give him a
chance and improve upon his deficiencies which
in term will enhance the performance of the
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