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Description of strom Matthew

 Matthew strom is storm strengthened as it moved
slowly toward Florida, regarded as the strongest
storm in the US in the last 12 years.
 With a wind speed of 20km / hour, with a Category
Four storm Matthew expected to begin to hit Florida
on Friday morning.
 The storm formed over the Bahamas have already
devastated parts of Haiti, killing at least 264 people
and thousands of people had to be evacuated.
 Four people were reported killed in neighboring
Haiti, the Dominican Republic.
 Storm damage this could turn into a "catastrophe",
said Governor of Florida. In the United States, more
than two million people have been evacuated to safer
locations considered.
 Office of the US Hurricane Center (NHC) said the
storm is expected "getting closer" to the eastern part
of the region of Florida in the next 12 hours.
 The state of emergency
 A state of emergency has been imposed in four states
in the south, so it will allow the National Guard to be
deployed to provide assistance.
 On Thursday afternoon, President Obama declared a
state of emergency for Florida and South Carolina,
which allows federal emergency teams to be sent.
 The storm is expected to enter since the Category
Four hurricane Charley that struck the US in August
2004, which led to losses miliran Dollar in a number
of states in the southern region.
 About two million people have been advised to leave the
premises which are likely to be affected by the presence
of the storm.
 NHC has warned that coastal waters in parts of Florida
could rise up to 3.35 meters because of the storm surge -
when the sea level rises due to high winds.
 In many regions, four-wheeled vehicles queuing for fuel
and some residents prepare various preparations,
including food, and climbed to the top of their home,
reports said.
 Schools, colleges and government offices have been
closed in some areas. Approximately 90% of the flights
that come through the Miami airport was canceled.
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