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•Yoga therapy encompasses various practical aspects for each and

everyone. Yoga, basically for disease free persons, can also be great
help for people suffering from various diseases so as to maintain
good health. It is equally beneficial for children, adolescent and
women in general. Even for elderly, Yoga therapy can help a lot in
keeping them fit. In real sense, for mental, physical and spiritual
fitness, yoga therapy plays a very important part. As man is a
physical, mental and spiritual being, Yoga helps to promote a
balanced development of all the three stated above.
•Physical exercises, aerobic and other forms of exercises assure
welfare only to the physical body. It has little to do with the
development of the spiritual body or the astral body.
•Yogic exercises help to promote an all round well being in an
individual. They help to recharge the body with cosmic energy. This
helps to attain perfect equilibrium and harmony. Yoga helps the
aspirant to channelize and harness the cosmic energy for self –
healing. Consequently it produces peace and positive feelings in the
mind of the aspirant.
It rejuvenates and energizes the body.
Development and healing is brought about
from within.
Regular practice of Asanas, pranayama,and
meditation can help such diverse ailments
such as diabetes, blood pressure, digesive
disorders, arthritis, arteriosclerosis,
chronic fatigue, asthama, varicose veins
and heart conditions.
Long period of stress is the root cause of so
many psychosomatic diseases including insomnia.
Adoption of yogic practices in life gives
quick relief from stress and insomnia.
Practices : Asanas,Pranayama,Kriyas,Special
Practices like yoga nidra and Gayatri Mantra
Other recommendations : Take rich diet and
regulate the schedule.Include walking in the
daily schedule.
Depression is becoming a very common problem
among the mental disorder. The depressed people in the acute stage
of depression become more weak as they feel uncomfortable in any
job. The practices should be simple so that they can perform them
gently and get relief slowly.
Practices : Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas,
Special : Mahamrityunjaya mantra Japa and 'OM' chanting.
Precautions : Yoga nidra and meditation lead one towards
introversion so a depressed person should not practice them.
Other recommendations : Take rich diet and
regulate the schedule.Include walking in the
daily schedule.
The increased pressure against the arteries given by the blood is
known as hypertension. Mainly this pressure increases only when
the arteries become stiff and hard.
Yogic Principle : To relax the stiffness of the arteries, decrease
the cholesterol level from the blood and release the stress.
Practices : Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas.
Precautions : Hard practices should not be attempted without a
good instructor.Whenever (during the practice) you feel exertion,
go to shavasana.
Other Recommendations : Walk slowly for a few minutes. Try
to be stress free. Take less cholesterol diet and leave the
Angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, cardiac failure and the hypertension etc. are
the common problems with the heart.
Yogic principle : For a heart patient is is a must to be very careful.
Negligence may be dangerous. Pranayama should be more emphasized here
than asana because strain and more efforts should be avoided. The aim of
yoga is to regulate the circulation and reduce the cholesterol and sugar from
the blood.
Practices : Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas.
Special : Yog nidra, So-ham Sadhna, Gayatri Mantra Japa
Precautions : Do not effort for a higher strenuous practice. Whenever you
feel exertion practice shavasana.
Other recommendations : Try to be stress free.
Take less cholesterol diet and leave the addictions. Make a positive attitude
towards life. For relief of emotional imbalance pray to God and get devoted.
Diabetes is known as the increased sugar level of blood in the body.
When the pancreas either slows the secretion of insulin or stops the
Yogic Principle : The aim of yogic practices are to regulate the
pancreas and reduce the sugar level from the body. Its patients also
suffer from obesity so practices should be gentle and increased
Practices : Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas
Special : Yog nidra and So-ham sadhna
Precautions : If suffering from hypertension and heart disease, first
control them with the given practices for them.
Other Recommendations : Sit in Vajrasana after every meal, walk fast
for a few kilometers daily.
Asthma is a complicated disorder of our respiratory system.
In this the patient has a feeling of breathlessness and
Yogic Principle : The patients feel the main problem with
breathing. Due to less oxygen intake and, less prana intake,
person becomes weak.Yogic practices aim at regeneration of
the pranic energy in the body, at the same time, removal of
extra secretion of mucous.
Practices : Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas
Special Practices : So-ham Sadhna, Yoga nidra.
Other Recommendations : Fasting in a week should be
observed. Rice, Sweets and daily products should be
It is a common disorder today. If a male is having 5 feet 6 inches height , his
ideal should be 62kg whereas for the same height in females, 60kg should be
ideal weight. More or less 5kg can be considered as normal. More than that
the person is considered obese.
Yogic Principle : It is wrong to think that obesity will be cured by quick
practices. Because obese patients get tired quickly, so they should adopt
simple practices.Later on with time body will become stronger and the
practices will be increased.
Practices : Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas.
Special Practice : Yog nidra.
Precautions : I f suffering from heart disease or hypertension, regulate them
Other Recommendations : Leave the habit of always taking something in
mouth. Adopt walking in the schedule.
The disorder of the spine like spondylitis and backache are
commonly observed. The basic cause is vertebral
degeneration. It may be due to wrong posture or rupture.
Yogic Principle : Here Yoga aims to correct the wrong
posture as well as stop the degeneration of the system.
Practices : Asnas, Pranayama, Kriyas.
Other Recommendations : Try to keep the intestine clear
because pain will increase with constipation.
Precautions : During the acute pain get rest, do not strain.
Arthritis is mainly the joint problem.
The problem is firstly caused by sedimentary lifestyle,
secondly by taking of Vata dominating food. Aging and
degeneration are the other causes.
Yogic Principle : Yoga aims at removal of waste from the
joints and to fulfill the insufficiency of synovial fluid and also
try to activate the blocked pranic flow.
Practices : Asnas, Pranayama, Kriyas.
Special : Yoga nidra, So-ham sadhna, Gayatri Mantra.
Other recommendations : Walk for a small distance
regularly. Avoid Dairy products. Adopt green leafy vegetables
in meals.
Indigestion is the problem of stomach where the taken meal is not easy to
digest. constipation is the disorder of large intestine where after absorption,
the defecation becomes difficult.
Yogic Principle : Yoga aims to change the sedimentary lifestyle, activate the
digestive fire. At the same time, it aims at activating the abdominal muscles
for proper digestive secretion.
Practices : Asnas, Pranayama, Kriyas.
Special Practices : So-ham sadhna.
Other Recommendations : Take 4 to 6 glasses of water before defecation in
the morning. walk for a small distance fast. Give up the habit of always
chewing something. Adopt vegetarian diet with more starch.
Precautions : Hypertension, heart disease and in acute constipation do not
effort for higher practices.