MediScanTM: A Patient monitoring and dietary control system


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Significant time lag between symptoms and doctor intervention 2.Patient Monitoring: Present Scenario Present Practices Extensive staff intervention required Hospitals Monitors few vital parameters infrequently Implications Requires large hospital staff Disturbs patients frequently 1. Problems in Doctors availability and scheduling Patient situation may worsen Improper patient care and patient dissatisfaction LOGO Reactive monitoring system. balance  Dietary Lack of monitoring during nights Prone to human error and negligence . Sometimes relies on patient/relative to call for emergency. 2. Significant time gap between measurement. Patient situation gets worse in between 1.

chemical composition etc. strap LOGO Benefits: Proactive: Reduces time lag Effective : Less prone to human error and negligence High operational efficiency: Staff reduction Results in high patient trust: Loyal Patients ‡ ‡ ‡ Intelligent monitoring through ‡ Customized Monitoring menu Operated Through satellite ‡ ‡ Can handle large real-time data can be integrated with hospital¶s health IT system How Medi ScanŒ will work: consists of nodes and CDAS (Central Data Analysis System) ‡ node Sensors are connected to patient Step1: nodes send data to CDAS via satellite Step2: Data Processing done by CDAS Step3: Process info sent to Nodes via satellite Step4: Results displayed on node monitor ‡ . sensors. temp. blood-sugar. Heart rate.MediScanTM Main Features ‡ Comprehensive monitoring for ‡ BP. needle.

lifestyle diseases Size: Greater than 100 beds would result in optimal utilization of the MediScanTM system. Other Arrangements: 1. Minimal engineering and structural changes in the present building = fn(number of beds. 2. gynecology. degree of automation) The relationship between the factors is the propriety item of MediScanTM . nephrology. Quantity Assessment: Number of MediScanTM nodes required Solutions offered MediScanTM Utility Price: CDAS ± INR 50 mio Nodes ± INR 10k Capacity: up to 200 nodes EOS capacity: above 100 nodes Price: MediScanTM Mega CDAS ± INR 100 mio Nodes ± INR 10k Capacity: up to 500 nodes EOS Capacity: above 250 nodes . occupancy factor. MediScanTM is compatible with universal IT systems and could be incorporated in the existing IT infrastructure of the organization.Target customers and quantity assessment LOGO Target Organization: Specialty and super specialty hospitals. recovery time. brain and spine care. diagnostic centers Clinical specialties: heart care. medical service imparted. urology. minimal access surgery.

5 years. Assuming salary of medical staff to be INR 0.500* (A) Cost savings due to replacement of the medical staff associated with the diet monitoring ± INR 20 mio (B) INR 15 mio§ (C) A + B ± C = INR 5.. Hence 51. 6. There are no similar systems available in the market. Nil Nil Nil (E) 3.5/4 15 mio. 2.5475 mio (D) Alternate Nil 2.INR 547.2 mio and.55475 mio = 51. 7 day recovery period and a probability of 10% prevention in a year and savings of INR 1k per diagnosis case in operational costs.Customer Value assessment Value in Use (Quantification) on yearly basis Attribute Benefits Cost Price Customer Intention to purchase Value in use Payback period MediScanTM Proactive monitoring . Also it replaces 10% of the staff which is a conservative estimate. 1. *Proactive monitoring results mainly in saving of future costs associated with damage control checkups. Increased patient comfort level 5. The entire monitoring is done by the medical staff The model used in calculation is operating at a capacity of 150 nodes. D ± E = INR 5. Assuming 70% occupancy in a hospital of 150 bed size. average requirement of two medical staff every three bed for round the clock monitoring. The life is assumed to be of 4 years. Hence price per node is INR 340k. .5/20 2. Assumptions 1. 4. 3. Ease of maintaining database of individual patients. LOGO Place Holders Increase trust quotient of patients ± less prone to human error and negligence No additional IT requirements Safety of Patient¶s data is ensured Itemized menu on the nodes to display all the required parameters. 5. 4.

Range of services offered LOGO Installation ‡ Quick installation by experts ‡ Customized installation as per requirements ‡ Free operator assistance for two month ‡ Operator to be stationed in hospital ‡ Free Hospital staff training Operation Training AfterSales ValueAdded Service ‡ Two years warranty ‡ Pan India Service Network ‡ Repair within 48-hours ‡ Annual maintenance contract at attractive prices ‡ Medical records storage and processing services ‡ Customized Dietary suggestion reports .

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