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Analysing of Indeterminate

Structure using
Displacement Method
There are 2 ways in using Displacement Method:
1. Moment Distribution Method
2. Slope Deflection Method
1.1 Moment Distribution Method
Analyse Beam Using Moment Distribution
Determine the moment at each support: Note EI is constant.
1.1 Moment Distribution Method
Analyse the Frame Using Moment Distribution
Condition 1: Without Sidesway
Determine the moment at each joint
1.1 Moment Distribution
Condition 2: With Sidesway
1. Principal of Superpostion
2. Compute your Assume force R@ joint C
R = 1.73 – 0.81 = 0.92KN
R’= 28 +28 = 56KN
Using proportion Concepts
To Find M(AB) = M(AB) Artificial Joint Applied + R/ R’ x M(AB) Artificial
Joint Removed
3. Compute your Assume force R’@ joint C
Assume FEM(AB),FEM(BA),FEM(DC), FEM(CD) = -100KN.m
Moment Distribution Sidesway
Example: Find the moment at joint A,B,C,and D
Assume FEM = -100KN.m while analyse Artificial Joint Remove
Condition. EI is constant
1.2 Slope Deflection Equation Method
This method is relatively known for the
relationship which relates the applied load to the
unknown slopes and deflection.
Beam Analysis: Slope Deflection Equation

There are there degree of freedom to be consider:

• Slope/Angular Displacement @A
• Slope/Angular Displacement @ B
• Linear Displacement
Slope/Angular Displacement at A & B:

Conjugate method is used to determine Mab & Mba.

Also conjugate method is used to determine Mba & Mab.

Linear Displacement
Slope Deflection Equation:
1. For Internal Span or End Span with far End is Fixed
2.0 Only for End Span with Far End Pinned or Roller Support
• Example:
Determine the moment @ joint A,B,C & D:
Analysis of Frames-Non Sway: Slope
Deflection Equation:
Bending does not cause the joint any linear displacement.
Use slope deflection Equation find the moment at joint A,B,C & D
Analysis of Frames- Sway: Slope Deflection
• Consider B and C as pinned Joint
• Additional to slope deflection Equation, consider the horizontal
reaction of the fixed support.
Find the moment @ joint A,B,C & D- Joint A & D are fixed while C does
not support any moment.