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By Jessica Cross
Student ID: 17822972
Blog 1
Week 3 - 21/03/2018
PE Tutorial 3 – Court-Based Invasion Games
◦ The aim of today’s PE tutorial was to explore invasion games from a teaching perspective as well
as a learning perspective. The aim of the PE tutorial was addressed by my tutorial group and I
sampling invasions games (micro games) on the basketball court including: introductory name
game in which we had to swap spots in a circle, bull rush, a modified version of bull rush with sea
creatures, a throwing game of students separated into a court like handball with two teams and
two students throwing the ball to their team. I enjoyed the way we stopped and had a group
discussion through the teaching games for learning before each game and after each game. It
was great to discuss each game’s strength and weakness from a student’s learning perspective.
During the tutorial I reflected on the fact that students may have an advantage for certain
invasion games. For example, depending on their height or agility. Therefore, as a future teacher I
will be mindful of modifications that may be needed to ensure that games are as equitable as
possible. I also became self- aware on the fact that I am very competent in some fundamental
movement skills (such as skipping, overarm throwing, jumping and dodging) and that over the
years have enabled me to play invasion games such as AusTag. My overall learning from this PE
tutorial was that I now see fundamental movement skills as being very crucial in a student’s
physical development in order for them to be able to competently play invasion games. Moving
forward, I will ensure that I include this as a key focus when I program future PE lessons.
Blog 2
Week 3- 21/03/2018
PDH Tutorial – Teaching Children’s Fundamental Movement Skills
through Games, Adapt and modify for inclusivity.
◦ The aim of today’s tutorial was to explore different fundamental movement ‘Skills in Action’
activity cards and then discuss with peers how a fundamental movement can be adapted with.
Secondly, my tutorial group and I were asked to review a script of a task series. The aim of the PDH
tutorial 5 was addressed by each student in the class selecting a “Skills in Action” card. I chose to
work with Ben and we chose a Skill in Action card on how to ‘skip’ however we found that this
card was too difficult in the time frame that we had to learn how to teach it so instead we chose
over arm throwing as we felt more confident with that card. Overall, I felt challenged by the cards
as there is a large amount of steps to learn to then explain to a student. In the second part of the
tutorial the tutorial class and I were given a script of a series of tasks that would be an example of
what to teach students in a real PE class. In reflection, of the task series, I found that scripts seamed
positive and indicated that you would need to use a large amount of verbal encouragement
towards the students. In reflection, I also considered that for students who speak English as an
additional language would require additional support because they may not be familiar with
some Australian sport terms.
Blog 3
Week 7- 18/04/2018
PDH Tutorial 5 – Child Protection & Respectful Relationships
◦ The aim of today’s tutorial was to, firstly, discuss as a tutorial group sensitive issues and topics with
students in the classroom. Secondly, discuss child protection matters as a tutorial. The aim of the
PDH tutorial 5 was addressed by each student in the class choosing and then discussing a sensitive
question or statement that may come from a student during class. For example, ‘What’s a stiffy?’
My tutorial group and I then discussed what we thought about a student possibly asking a sensitive
question as well as how we would discuss the matter with the student, class and or family. There
was also a recent newspaper article that we discussed of how there is a culture with some parents
being over protective when it comes to education on sexuality and therefore stopping teachers
being able to teacher sex education correctly. We also went through some child protection cards
that explicitly show how to best approach child protection content with students. My overall
learning from the PE tutorial was to be mindful that different students, teachers and their families
will have different beliefs and attitudes towards sensitive issues. For example, how a student should
or should not be taught a topic at school such as puberty. In relation to child protection I think I
was and always will be hyper- vigilant when it came to child protection matters with students. For
example, to always be aware of body signs of abuse or a change in behaviour of a student. As a
future teacher, I will ensure in my lessons that I discuss with students their rights in regards to their
body and personal safety.
Blog 4
Week 10 - 09/05/2018
PE Tutorial 6 – Micro Teaching Lessons (Striking and Target Games)

◦ The aim of today’s PE tutorial was to reinforce teaching strategies that my tutorial group and I
have learnt over the semester including Game Sense Approach as well as using a games
education approach to teaching PE lessons. The aim of the PE tutorial was addressed by my
tutorial group and I playing three micro lessons including: Newcombe Ball, Indigenous game Gorri
Gorri as well as Diamond cricket. From a learning perspective I took part in diamond cricket and
from a teaching perspective, fellow MA. of Teaching student Ben and I collaborated on teaching
a micro lesson of Gorri Gorri. During the tutorial when I was teaching I reflected on the fact that
there was a lot of instruction/ content that I had to ensure was relayed to the students. I also
ensured that I was asking the students to consider such as ‘Is there any way we can make it harder
to play?’ and ‘Would you like to try extended it this way? I also have the opportunity to partake in
diamond cricket which was great to see how other students taught the lesson. My overall learning
from the PE tutorial was to keep the students having fun, feeling positive in their sporting attempts
as well as ensure that students were exposed to key fundamental movements.