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Email Etiquettes

Caps Look at your keyboard. The key marked Caps Lock ² keep it off while typing the email. Except for the normal use of capitals, proper nouns, to start a sentence, etc. Use Lower case as it is a polite and easier to read. Capitals are extremely rude in electronic media and seems like shouting in a verbal conversation. Use proper fonts and avoid the colorful designs and tables if the email is business approach. The pictures too takes time downloading.

Don·ts Signatures Attach a signature to the end of each message you send via email. contact information. Name of business. Try to be simple . url and marketing slogan.

Don·ts Grammar and punctuation Don·t type in big mass of text. etc. commas. . Check spellings too. Divide in paragraphs and use applicable punctuation.

Don·ts Quoting Most email programs make it easy to include text from the message you're responding to. Quote only to relevant portion of the message you are replying to. A quote of more than 10 lines is too much . Observe the guidelines: Set up your program to insert ¶Quote headers· so that the original message can be clearly distinguished from the reply message. This is useful because it puts your reply into context and gives the recipient an idea of what you are talking about. Leave a blank line between quotes and replies.

In friendship mails. b4 or kewl as they seem irritating in regular email business mails.Don·ts Avoid Chat language Do not use Neways. all's fine as far as the right meaning is understood by the reader. .

Message that can be easily read and matter clear. .Don·ts Use Subject Line Use the subject line intelligently saying about the topic of the email.

EOM means ´end of messageµ .Use Smart Subject Lines  All messages should have clear and specific ´Subject Linesµ that  describes the message content  specifies if there are any actions required & due dates  mentions clearly who the message is so!  Type (EOM) at the end of the subject line.  If you can type your entire message in the subject line and don·t need to write anything in the body of the message .

.‡ Too many messages are floating around  Half are unnecessary  The other half are ineffective Fixing the problem lies on our shoulders ‡ Limit the length of the Message: Disk quota is allotted to each user and so. limit the length of the message instead of prolonging the email.

it·s time to pick up the phone .  Take one last look at your distribution list ² is this email necessary for all recipients.  Once the email discussion goes beyond 2-3 replies anyway.Think Before You Click  Don·t automatically ´REPLY TO ALLµ.

Poor Usage Discussion that could have been done on the phone .

.‡ Circulation of forwards. Especially the long emailed list forwarded jokes or pictures are irritating and are not welcoming. ‡ Don·t assume everyone wants to receive your five MB files on jokes. Don·t send each and every forwards to all.

it·s a taboo and can result in no use mail junks . Sending information about yourself / services you offer to people who have not interest in it. In the online world.Spamming Spamming is the electronic equivalent of junk mail.

filthy talk. If chain letters are received. One can also report to abuse for unwanted mails like harassing. etc. they can be sent to service providers who can suspend the offender·s account. Know the Spam Rules.‡ Chain Letters These are forbidden on the electronic mail networks as they unnecessarily load the system and interferes with the delivery of other messages. .

What do they mean? ‡ Caps ² Shouting/Yelling/Needs Immediate Attention ‡ Flagged Messages ² Important emails which need a follow up. you can flag them .

 Does it include action required?  Does it require a reply back by a certain date?  What information is contained that the reader will find necessary for their job?  Use the To: and Cc: addresses appropriately .Write For Action  In the first 1-3 lines of your email. specify what this email is about.

presentations. Meeting Minutes. end your message with ´(Reply Not Necessary)µ . Trip Reports. Simple Proposals  Use formatted documents when necessary  Spreadsheets.Reducing the Load  Overloaded ² system & recipient  Use text messages every time you can  Status Reports. formal documents  Stop replies before they start  If a reply is not required.

Quality Communications  Email is not the right communication tool when ´quick responseµ is needed  Use email to convey non-sensitive or nonemotional information .

are you sharing expertise.Quality Communications  If an email discussion doesn·t end in 1-2 replies and get the results that are necessary ² STOP  Ask yourself. or just venting  Constructive confrontation or disagreements do NOT get resolved in email .

Need immediate attention .Stop everything.New/modified meetings . assistance with a problem . either way .Recommended Standards Recommended Subject Line Tags:  URG  HOT  RSP  MTG  FWD  HLP  FYI  ACT . read me first .Needs action .Forward to your respective group(s) .Just for your information .Need you to respond.Need information.

with the EOM tag . short messages should be written in the subject line. Large files. Only "Reply to All" when absolutely necessary  PowerPoint Files: Zip all attachments. use shared server or websites  When possible.Recommended Standards Rules:  No outlook templates or ´pretty stationary" when sending/replying messages  Reply to sender only.

This gives a negative connotation (looks like you are yelling those words) . When people start "talking" in email. please stop  Carbon Copy your manager if you really need to  Do not use UPPER case alphabets unless using it as a title.Recommended Standards Rules:  No discussions in email.

 If you find you are on a distribution list you don·t need to be on  send a note to the originator to be removed.General Tips  Use Follow Up Flags.  If you get involved in an email discussion that you don·t need to be in  ask to be taken off the distribution. .

 While forwarding the message delete the list of email addresses if not necessary  If you see someone else practicing bad email etiquette  send a friendly note and ask them to correct it .

General Tips Incoming Email Tips:  Process your email in batches  Don·t overreact to nuance in email .

¶y· instead of ¶why·. ¶r· instead of ¶are·.g. ¶u· instead of ¶you·. etc) .General Tips Font:  Use standard font throughout the message content  Avoid colored fonts in a professional email  Be very specific with the use of bold. italic or underline font style  Keep the size of the font visible and constant  Paragraph and line spacing should be legitimate and visually appealing  Avoid short forms or slang (e.

Call to Action  Implement these guidelines in your own email usage  It·s got to start with you  Take this presentation to your staff and request that they implement the guidelines .

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