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English 10: Mrs. Price & Ms. Mills



Phone: 803-649-7103 ´ Work Hours: 7:30 ± 3:30 M ± F* ´ Office Hours: 9 -10 on M,W; 1-2 on Tues* ´ LiveLesson® Session & Message Board links in Teacher Communication Data View (TCDV)(Click on my Data View and choose Teacher Communication) ´ Principal: Allison Reaves @ 803-2124712 extension 301
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9/24/2010 MY INTERESTS Reading ´ Spending time with family ´ Renovating our house (we are on the 10-year renovation plan) ´ Watching television (crime shows. HGTV) ´ Watching football ´ 3 . LMN. sitcoms.

our youngest son. my dad. our oldest son. our middle son. my sister. me.9/24/2010 MY FAMILY Left to right: My hubby. our daughter-in-law 4 .

9/24/2010 OUR HOMES Our house during Snow Day 2010 & our little mountain cabin in NC 5 .

But I can peacefully coexist. sons. I couldn·t resist. My husband. and father are Gamecocks.9/24/2010 MY EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Clemson University ´ Master of Arts degree in English from Clemson University ´ Go Tigers! (Sorry.) ´ 6 .

and Speech on the college level ´ English 9-12 on the high school level.9/24/2010 MY TEACHING EXPERIENCES ´ Freshman Composition. Developmental English. public and private 7 .

9/24/2010 MUTUAL EXPECTATIONS Respect and courtesy ´ Cooperation & participation ´ Timely work & effort ´ Timely responses to Webmail and phone calls ´ 8 .

9/24/2010 WHAT IS CAUSE & EFFECT? The reason something has happened is the cause Reason = Cause What occurs as a result of this action is the effect Result = Effect 9 .

9/24/2010 EXAMPLE Shayn did not study for his history exam. consequence) 10 . (reason. (result. effect. cause) Shayn failed the history course.

9/24/2010 WHAT IS A CAUSE & EFFECT ESSAY? ´ A Cause and Effect Essay provides reasons and explanations (causes) for events. conditions. ´ It also involves tracing probable or known effects or consequences of the events. 11 . or behaviors. or behaviors. conditions.

12 .9/24/2010 Sometimes several causes can create a problem or event. which will in turn lead to a number of effects.

9/24/2010 *SAMPLE GRAPHIC ORGANIZER *For visual learners or for anyone who needs to envision the relationships 13 .

and those effects in turn become the cause of another effect or implication.9/24/2010 Sometimes one cause leads to multiple effects or multiple causes lead to one effect. Sometimes one cause may lead to several effects. 14 .

(result. consequence) 15 .9/24/2010 EXAMPLE REVISITED (TWO EFFECTS) Shayn did not study for his English exam. (reason. (result. consequence) Shayn failed the 12th grade & did not graduate on time. cause) Shayn failed the English course. effect. effect.

(result. (reason. cause) Shayn passed the exam and graduated. (reason. cause) Shayn·s mother hired a tutor for the exam. consequence) 16 . effect.9/24/2010 EXAMPLE (TWO CAUSES) Shayn studied every night for his 12th grade English exam.

9/24/2010 MULTIPLE CAUSE/EFFECT Rube Golberg ² Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist famous for his ability to link one event to another--in an outrageous fashion 17 .

9/24/2010 WW: CAUSE & EFFECT PORTFOLIO Write a cause and effect essay in which you explain a strong cause and effect relationship featuring these elements: ´ A clearly stated topic that identifies the cause & effect relationships to be explored ´ An effective & logical method of organization ´ Strong details & examples ´ Transitions that smoothly & clearly connect your ideas ´ Error-free grammar. 18 . including correct use of pronouns.

9/24/2010 POSSIBLE TOPICS TO CONSIDER Student Peer Pressure ´ Popularity of Virtual Schools ´ Teenage Stress/Depression/Drug Abuse ´ Unhealthy Diets (Junk Food) ´ Poor economy/Unemployment ´ Techological Revolution ´ Generational Issues ´ Political Issues ´ 19 .

Social Studies ² World War II. 20 ´ ´ . or confusing. ´WHY?µ Think about your favorite school subject.9/24/2010 OTHER TOPICS? ´ Scan newspaper or magazine articles for ideas that make you ask. Science ² Cancer. etc. Math ²Credit Card Debt.) Brainstorm a list of popular trends you find interesting. important. What are some current event topics related to the subject? (English ² Literacy.

´ Use fact-based evidence including details and examples to support claims. ´ 21 . ´ Use transitions to connect your ideas (more to come).9/24/2010 WHEN DRAFTING (PER THE ASSIGNMENT) Clearly present the issue or topic because it·s important for your reader to understand why the issue exists. ´ Organize logically (more to come). ´ Proof carefully for grammar and use 3rd person pronouns (not 1st person such as ´I believeµ).

9/24/2010 ORGANIZATION Chronological order (time order) Order of Importance ´ Most important cause first ´ Most important cause last 22 .

23 . Mills has additional resources regarding transitional words & phrases on her message board on her main page (not English 10).9/24/2010 TRANSITIONS USED FOR CAUSE & EFFECT ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Because Consequently Therefore For this reason (for) As a result So (so that) Thus Since Due to * Ms.

Include a creative title (not ´Cause and Effect Essayµ). you must give credit by citing the resource or author. ´So what?µ about the topic. 24 . and a thesis (main idea). Include a conclusion that revisits the intro & answers. Indent paragraphs. background info. contact info & standard font). If you get info from outside sources like the Internet.9/24/2010 DON¶T FORGET! ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Follow the MLA Portfolio Formatting handout in our TCDV (header. Write an introduction with a hook. Use body paragraphs to explain the causes and effects with details & examples.

25 .9/24/2010 QUESTIONS? Two friends I met this summer in my garden . . .