Research Paper Guidelines for English 12B

What do I write, and how do I write it? K.

Michelle Price SCCA May 12, 2010

y At minimum you need five sections: an introduction (with an attention-grabber and thesis). . a section about the author. y This document states you will write a five-page research paper that discusses a specific work of British literature in its historical context.What do I write? y See the Research Paper Guidelines document found in Unit 4. a section on the historical period when the work was written. and a conclusion. a section on how the historical context is reflected in the work. Lesson 7.

) . (This means you cannot rely completely on Web sources.) y Your sources will be listed on a Works Cited page at the end. y At least two print sources other than your textbook should be used. (See the MLA Style for Research Papers & Essays in Unit 4. either in your textbook or as a separate piece of literature. y Your secondary sources are the books or articles about the work you choose.Use at Least Five Sources y Your primary source is the work itself. Lesson 7.

y Your multimedia component may include audio as well as video and does NOT need to summarize your entire paper. Instead highlight the main points.Create a Multimedia Component Create ONE of the following to complement your paper: y A 4-5 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes text and images relevant to your topic. y A Web page with text and images relevant to your topic. .

Arial. y Center space the title. the class. and the date in the left-hand corner (as shown in the guidelines). or Courier. not just your topic.Formatting y Your research paper should be typed and double- spaced in a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. my name. . y Follow all other formatting instructions including margins and headers. y Don t forget to include your name. See the MLA Style for Research Paper & Essays for details. and write one that is creative and reflects your thesis.

General knowledge about your topic does not need to be cited. but either way it is punishable. or ideas. specific research or statistics. or it may be plagiarism. so when in doubt. y Questionable plagiarism and especially obvious plagiarism is a MAJOR DEAL in college. and any ideas or theories if contributed to one particular source. .Citing y It is critical that you document or cite other authors words. y Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional. products. you cite quotes. cite! y Generally.

products. after you use someone s words. use only the page number in parentheses. y If you use the author s name in the sentence. or ideas.Parenthetical Citation y Generally. cite the title of the Web page in quotes in parentheses. y If you are citing from a Web page where there is no author or page. . you cite the author s last name and the page number where the information was found in parentheses.

he has been described as both the protagonist and the antagonist ( Understanding Characterization ).Parenthetical Examples y This novel has been described as the most influential piece of literature in the 21st century (Smith 201). y Because the character has such an internal struggle. y There are more detailed examples and explanations in the MLA Style for Research Paper & Essays. y The critic John Smith described this novel as the most influential piece of literature in the 21st century (201). .

y For a Web source: Dragon. Dragons and Asia.worldbookonline. Hikaru. . y Follow the examples in the MLA Style for Research Paper & Essays. World Book Online Reference>. 2002. If you run out of space and drop to the next line.Works Cited Page y The words Works Cited should be center spaced as if a title and with no quotation marks. y For a book with one author: Tokugwa. 11 April 2007 <http://www. World Book. 2007. New York: Doubleday. indent 5 spaces.

These are ALL necessary to write and format your research paper correctly. . If you have other questions.Remember y You should review Research Paper Guidelines for y y y y assignment assistance. contact me. You should review Research Paper 6-point Rubric for grading assistance. You should review MLA Style for Research Paper & Essays for formatting and citing assistance.

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