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Apprenticeship Training in 3D

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• Glenn van’t Wout
– Dean of Trades and Heavy Industry Division – Keyano College , Fort McMurray AB –

• Barry Nicolle
– Marketing and Business Development – Pixelyard Productions Inc., Halifax NS

materials and • Engage students more fully in their own learning by changing the nature of the relationship between the instructor. – . and usage of ‘training objects’ -machinery.Today’s Discussion  Keyano’s efforts to use information technologies to:  • Increase students’ access to. tools. equipment. the student and the learning content.

software.facebook VOIP LMS twitter google .  email  The Challenge: Developing curriculum that incorporates the appropriate technologies in the most effective ways possible. • internet mobility ipads flash gaming .com linkedIn E-learning laptops tablets Information Technologies simulation youtube moodle 3d models html netbooks W W W smartboards  The Opportunity: Many technologies – hardware. networks -to address limitations and challenges in the development and delivery of training.

space requirements. procedures. methods – Handling and using the tools and equipment is critical to trades training   But … • Training organizations are limited in what can be brought into the classroom by very real considerations: – Size of object. operating. maintenance. Learning-by-Doing – Machinery. safety.Training Objects • Hands-on. storage costs) – Utility of some objects as an instructional aid eg sealed units . tools. costs (capital costs. equipment.

not dynamic and operating – Passive – students cannot interact with them  – . photographs. videos. powerpoints.Training Objects • Reliance on visual “imagery” in class to teach concepts. web pages etc. many of these imagery tools fall short as training aids – Usually 2d representations of complex 3d objects – Static.  • Unfortunately. overhead transparencies. procedures – Cutaway and scale models. operations.

– Students are passive recipients – This dynamic changes in the lab or shop . the Instructor presents information to the students.Student Engagement •  Instructional model for trades has not changed much in a long time: – In the classroom. but . who are expected to absorb – In the shop students apply the classroom information to hands on tasks • Instructional delivery ‘technologies’ have improved... but not really evolved: – Chalkboard – Overhead Projector – Laptops • Result is: – Instructors engaging with the content to deliver it.

or live online virtual classrooms. review of classroom materials.Keyano’s Vision  To establish a single platform interface that will be used by instructors in multiple trade areas to support the delivery of program content that incorporates interactive 3D content in traditional classrooms. and preparation for tests – .   The same interface and 3D content will also be made available to students outside the classroom setting as a self-paced learning tool for pre-class preparation. computer labs.

Curriculum Development: Implementing the Vision • Developing curriculum to implement the new vision is a critical task • Team Approach: – Instructional Designers – Content/Subject Matter Experts (instructors) – 3D content development and delivery expertise – • The first two types of specialists could be found within Keyano College • The third arrived in the form of Pixelyard Productions and the Mentor3D delivery platform .

..A New Way to Teach . A Better Way to Learn • Changing the relationship between the instructor. the student and the content to engage students more fully in their learning • Key components:   A Robust Delivery Platform  High Quality Content  Hands-on Interactivity  Committed Instructors  .

schematics – Video – MS Word and pdf documents • Enables virtual hands-on interactivity . or live virtual classroom – Asynchronous. graphics.The Mentor3D Platform • Web-based delivery platform that supports both: – Synchronous delivery – in the classroom or computer lab. or self-paced learning by students on their own • Integrates multiple content formats into one platform: – 3d models and simulations in narrated animations – PowerPoint presentations – Photos.

Components Instruction .

Components Instruction .

How-it-Works / Operations / Procedures .

Interactive Hands-On Exercises .

Interactive Hands-On Exercises .

Additional Learning Objects • • • • • • Photos Drawings/Schematics Videos Animations Documents .

The Results • Student acceptance • Instructor buy-in • .

addressing specific problems – • Instructional Efficiencies – Through self-paced study. machinery and how it operates – More instructor time for mentoring .The Business Case • Instructional Quality Improvements – 3d animations. simulations – better visualization and comprehension . answering questions.faster learning – better student understanding of equipment. potential exists to reduce the classroom time needed – Reduced time away for students – lower travel and accommodation costs  .explaining.

The Business Case • Centralized training resource repository – 3D-based content. maintenance costs – Reduced facilities requirements – Reduced capital costs . PowerPoint presentations and other media objects in one location – reduced start-up time for new instructors and reduced risk of loss of resources if an instructor leaves  • Potential Cost Impacts – Reduced consumables and equipment operating.

pixelyard. NS B4A 0C1  Tel 902. 30 Damascus Road.Contacts         Glenn van’t Wout Dean.4152 barry. AB T9H 2H7  Tel  www.4882    Barry Nicolle  Marketing and Business Development  Pixelyard Productions Inc.keyano. Trades and Heavy Industrial Div Keyano College  8115 Franklin Avenue Fort  .ca  www. Suite 211  Bedford.nicolle@pixelyard.446.