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Alba, Leah Joy D.



the father of the Hebrews € descended from the line of Shem, son of Noah € Abram = ´exalted fatherµ € Abraham = ´father of a multitude of nationsµ € married his half sister, Sarai, whose name was later changed to Sarah € died at the age of 175
Alba, Leah Joy D. 9/20/2010


Leah Joy D.€A land to possess € Greatness or fame € Prosperity € Protection € Blessing upon his descendants Alba. 9/20/2010 3 .

and be thou perfect. And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him. my covenant is with thee. 9/20/2010 4 .€ And when Abram was ninety years old and nine. € € € Alba. walk before me. the LORD appeared to Abram. and will multiply thee exceedingly. And I will make my covenant between me and thee. and said unto him. and thou shalt be a father of many nations. behold. As for me. saying. I am the Almighty God. Leah Joy D.

and I will make nations of thee.€ Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram. Leah Joy D. and kings shall come out of thee. And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant. Alba. for a father of many nations have I made thee. 9/20/2010 € 5 . and to thy seed after thee. but thy name shall be Abraham. € And I will make thee exceeding fruitful. to be a God unto thee.

€ And I will give unto thee. for an everlasting possession. the land wherein thou art a stranger. And God said unto Abraham. Thou shalt keep my covenant therefore. 9/20/2010 € € 6 . Leah Joy D. thou. and to thy seed after thee. Every man child among you shall be circumcised. and I will be their God. Alba. This is my covenant. all the land of Canaan. which ye shall keep. and thy seed after thee in their generations. between me and you and thy seed after thee.

And I will bless her. Leah Joy D. and give thee a son also of her: yea. thou shalt not call her name Sarai.€ And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin. And God said unto Abraham. kings of people shall be of her Alba. As for Sarai thy wife. but Sarah shall her name be. and she shall be a mother of nations. and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you .. 9/20/2010 € € 7 . I will bless her..

8 The Heritage of the Hebrews Alba. 9/20/2010 . Leah Joy D.

  9/20/2010 9 .a ar Ishma l Arabs b Sim o L vi J dah Abraham Da Naphtali Sarah Esa Isaac Zimra Joksha M da K turah Midia Ishbak Shuah Jos ph B jami Di ah Jacob Gad Ash r Issachar Z b l Alba. L ah Joy D.

10 The ´Linkµ Alba. 9/20/2010 . Leah Joy D.

€ Alba. Leah Joy D.the son of Abraham and Sarah € born when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 € Isaac = ´he laughsµ € the link between Abraham. 9/20/2010 11 . the first Hebrew patriarch. the father of the twelve tribes € the one God chose as the one whom the everlasting covenant will be established. and Jacob.

first to be circumcised at the prescribed age of eight days € sacrificed by Abraham upon God·s command € married Rebekah at the age of 40. Leah Joy D. who bore him twins ² Esau and Jacob € died at the age of 180 and was buried in the family tomb in Hebron € Alba. 9/20/2010 12 .

13 Patriarch of the Twelve Tribes Alba. Leah Joy D. 9/20/2010 .

into giving him the birthright and Isaac·s blessing fled to his Laban·s. his uncle. Dinah Alba. Bilhah. Leah Joy D. or ´replacementµ tricked his brother. Esau (meaning hairy). house to seek refuge had four wives: Leah. Rachel.€ € € € € € the younger of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah his name means ´he grasps the heelµ. and Zilpah had twelve sons and a daughter. 9/20/2010 14 . ´supplanterµ.

adopted Joseph·s sons ² Manasseh and Ephraim € Jacob·s encounters with God: € ¾ Bethel x God gave Jacob his patriarchal blessing and divine protection ¾ Penuel x God granted him a new name and identity as Israel. which means ´striven with God and prevailed with menµ Alba. 9/20/2010 15 . Leah Joy D.

16 The Sons of Jacob Alba. 9/20/2010 . Leah Joy D.

content. 9/20/2010 17 . understanding. Leah Joy D.Reuben € ´the Lord has seen Simeon € ´one who hearsµ € ¶implies my miseryµ € Jacob·s first-born € ¶see behold. discern. perceive. or know a son· € Son of Leah obedience. and witness· € Son of Leah Alba.

9/20/2010 18 . € Son of Leah Alba. € The tribe of Judah was the Regal and Ruling tribe of God. Leah Joy D.Levi € ´attachedµ € ¶priesthood· € Son of Leah € The Judah € ´praiseµ tribe of Judah was the Regal and Ruling tribe of God.

Dan € ´he Naphtali € ´my has vindicatedµ € ¶to judge. to minister judgment or to plead a cause· € Son of Bilhah struggleµ € ¶implies obedience. and witness· € to be obtained by wrestling € Son of Bilhah 9/20/2010 Alba. understanding. content. Leah Joy D. 19 .

overcome· € ¶the tribe of Gad was skillful in warfare and they were mighty men of valor· € Son of Zilpah Alba.Gad € ´good fortune or Asher € ´happyµ € ¶blessed. guide. and relieve· € Son of Zilpah 9/20/2010 20 . happy. straight. honest. lead. troopµ € ¶to crowd upon. invade. Leah Joy D. attack. prosper. go.

abiding. 21 .· € The tribe of Zebulun traveled and they settled on the coastlands. € Son of Leah 9/20/2010 Alba. habitation. Leah Joy D.Issachar Zebulun € ´honorµ € ´rewardµ € also means ¶to hire € also means for payment· € This tribe willingly accepted what was before them and with what they had € mighty men in David's army € Son of Leah ¶to reside or dwell with.

9/20/2010 22 .Joseph € ´may he addµ € The dreamer € also Benjamin € ´son of my troubleµ means ¶son of my right hand· € Prime Minister of € Son of Rachel Egypt € his birth marked € Son of Rachel Rachel·s death Alba. Leah Joy D.

9/20/2010 .23 The Dreamer Alba. Leah Joy D.

he interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh·s butler and baker Alba. Leah Joy D. an Egyptian official imprisoned for the rape of Potiphar·s wife in prison.€ € € € € € first-born son of Jacob and Rachel favorite son of Jacob. 9/20/2010 24 . as indicated by the elegant coat Jacob made for him his brothers envied him and sold him to the Ishmaelite merchants going to Egypt became the slave of Potiphar.

Leah Joy D. 9/20/2010 25 .Joseph also interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh € he was made Prime Minister of Egypt to supervise the preparation of food for the expected famine € Joseph and his brothers met again in Egypt during the famine € Alba.

Leah Joy D.26 -Gen. 9/20/2010 . 50:19-20 50:19- Alba.

9/20/2010 27 . Leah Joy D.Alba.