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} Title of the study } Scope of the study } Objective of the study } Methodology of the study   INTROINNDUCTION primary data Secondary data } Limitation of study .

production. packing and marketing of various items and today the company is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of food products in domestic market. } KOSHER Certification for its standards and procedures. } NEKTAR FRUIT PRODUCTS LIMITED (NFPL) is playing an active role in areas of purchase.Company profile MFPPL. } To cater the additional requirements in domestic market MFPPL Group Company came out with NEKTAR FRUIT PRODUCTS LIMITED (NFPL). . has been approved by the following: } HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point systems) } ISO 9002 Certified by DNV of Netherlands for its manufacturing standards.

earning the trust of its customer and associates and Providing a fulfilling livelihood to its employees.µ mission  To get the market leadership in fruit product·s exporting To prosper in the business through satisfaction of customer needs Continuous quality improvement and cost reduction. will achieve profitability by attaining the high level of Organizational productivity. Extensive research.     . particularly in the optimization of production & quality. To increase the market share.Vision ´MFPPL.

The yield differs according to fruit.78 mm sieve ON ENTRATE Fruit oncentrate is obtained after evaporating water from fruit pulp. which is in the natural form of thick viscous liquid. The Yield in concentrate is more compared to pulp. . Pulp is obtained by the commercial process of mature and ripened fruit by passing it through it through a 0.Fruit pulp Pulp commonly referred to as a ¶Pure· in the US. The water is evaporated by treating pulp under vacuum at 0 degree elsius. in case of mango 2 kg of pulp yields 1 kg of concentrate. is the purest extract of the fruit.

fibers and vitamins. vitamins. minerals. Several different fruits are mixed with more exotic and functional ingredients such as calcium. Calcium. . minerals. Juices have a shelf life of 8 months.COMPOUND MFPPL through its association with Orana. It also contains additives and preservatives approved by the US FDA. fibers and many other functional ingredients. Most fruit based products are fortified with omega3 fatty acids. Juice Fruit juice is more liquid in nature due to its water content. one of largest Danish suppliers of fruit based raw material offers a wide range of tropical fruit compounds developed for the diary industry.



It performs the following jobs } Recruitments } T&d } Employee relation } Legal compliances } Compensation & benefits } retirement Sources of Income:} payments } .

Plant location:} Plant layout } PACKAGING } Marketing Information System } Distribution channel } Advertising } Transportation } .

Each batch of all products is tested before packing. Samples are drawn at each stage of manufacturing process and tested regularly to maintain the high quality standards. To increase the performance level of the supplier of products. In developing of new products. } } } } } All incoming raw materials are checked for correct specifications and sub-standard materials are rejected without any hesitation. . To minimize the non conformance during processing. To check the sterility of aseptic bags. To reduce customer complaints.} } } } } } To enhance customer satisfaction level. samples are taken from various batches of new products and put to test. Developing of new products according to customer·s taste. To Maintain a safe and clean work environment. To minimize delays in all activities. before they are realized into the market.

In depth understanding of the market and customer needs. Well trained and experienced personnel. Good Marketing Network.} } } } } } } } } } MFPPL has the enormous scope in Food process Industry. Maintenance cost of raw material for the specific period up to production process. Farmers are for most strength of the MFPPL. Company·s respond to changes in technology is slow. But they are only seasonable that are not available entire the year. } } } } Natural fruits are the main raw materials for the MYCAN products. . Wide product range. Well equipped organization. Experienced and qualified director·s board. Wastage of materials. Offers the Quality products service. products during the loading and transportation. In House Research & Development Department for product development.

Multinational companies introduced their products with aggressive marketing support is affect company·s market share. More scope to enter the global market. . Increased in cost of production due to increase in the raw materials. Price deciding factor. A considerable increase in the foreign trade specialized in fruit products of all range. } } } } Financial restrictions on THREATS sales promotion & advertising the sale of products.OPPORTUNITIES } } } } } } MFPPL has got the opportunity to serve the fruit products to all customers. Though competition from the competitors. MFPPL has covered the maximum area of resources where the fruit farmers are situated more in numbers. MFPPL is in the stage of increased demand for fruit products both in domestic and other countries.

Integration of modern technology and knowledge into traditional and indigenous/local knowledge. Developed Production Process. Advanced Methods of Packing. Optimal use and conservation of resources. Accommodation of customs & local socio-cultural factors. .} } } } } } } Quality products. Competitive Price. Utilization of waste agro-materials. o } } } } By product utilization in production/beneficiation by downstream processing. Innovative Products. Focusing customer satisfaction.

to expand & market } It is still moving ahead on its excursion to excellence. purees. the company makes good profits & its sales are gradually increasing. The economy of the country is mainly depends on exporting industries. fruit pulps. This has positively resulted in the finest quality of aseptically processed & packaged fruit products. } MFPPL is a fruit processing company in the industry. MFPPL is constantly innovating & introducing new products in keeping with the demands of the market.} Mysore Fruit Products is one of the exporting company. MFPPL has an integrated approach to securing fresh fruit produce. These industries will support the economy by earning large amount of foreign exchange. Because of efficient management & committed work by all levels of organization. having ample opportunities its products. } . while the processing is done at MFPPL·S modern fruit processing facilities. compounds & concentrates. At present. It ventures into contract farming with agriculturists & horticulturists.