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. mental & fizikal yang berpanjangan.Pengenalan y Gangguan emosi.

ciri y Murid mula hilang fokus y Motivasi berkurangan dalam kehidupan seharian y Marah-marah y Putus asa y Bosan .Ciri .

y Reverse .Cara Mengatasi y Regonize ² kenal pasti tanda ² tanda burn out.lupakan masalah dan mencari y Resilent y Reverse ² Undo the damage by managing stress and seeking support y Resilience ² Build your resilience to stress by taking care of your physical and emotional health .

involves too much: too many pressures that demand too much of you physically and psychologically.Beza b. they·ll feel better.out ngn stress y Burnout may be the result of unrelenting stress. . Stressed people can still imagine. but it isn·t the same as too much stress. by and large. Stress. though. that if they can just get everything under control.

People experiencing burnout often don·t see any hope of positive change in their situations. and beyond caring. you don·t always notice burnout when it happens. One other difference between stress and burnout: While you·re usually aware of being under a lot of stress. on the other hand.y Burnout. is about not enough. burnout is being all dried up. If excessive stress is like drowning in responsibilities. Being burned out means feeling empty. devoid of motivation. .

or reading something that inspires you. . Set boundaries. But you have a lot more control over stress than you may think. If you find this difficult. When you eat right. you have the energy and resilience to deal with life·s hassles and demands. and sleeping habits. Set a time each day when you completely disconnect. start a fun project. Learn how to say ´noµ to requests on your time. exercising. Nourish your creative side. writing in your journal. Put away your laptop. When you·re on the road to burnout. Take a daily break from technology. Try something new. turn off your phone. Learn how to manage stress. or resume a favorite hobby. Don·t overextend yourself. remind yourself that saying ´noµ allows you to say ´yesµ to the things that you truly want to do. Choose activities that have nothing to do with work. and stop checking email. you may feel helpless. engage in regular physical activity. Learning how to manage stress can help you regain your balance. Creativity is a powerful antidote to burnout. and get plenty of rest. spend at least fifteen minutes meditating.mengatasi y Burnout prevention tips y Start the day with a relaxing ritual. doing gentle stretches. Rather jumping out of bed as soon as you wake y y y y y up. Adopt healthy eating.

feeling sick a lot Frequent headaches. and defeated Detachment. or alcohol to cope Taking out your frustrations on others Skipping work or coming in late and leaving early . muscle aches Change in appetite or sleep habits Emotional signs and symptoms of burnout Sense of failure and self-doubt Feeling helpless. drugs. back pain.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Physical signs and symptoms of burnout Feeling tired and drained most of the time Lowered immunity. taking longer to get things done Using food. trapped. feeling alone in the world Loss of motivation Increasingly cynical and negative outlook Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment Behavioral signs and symptoms of burnout Withdrawing from responsibilities Isolating yourself from others Procrastinating.