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Global Talent 2021: Review

Abdiqani Muse

Population and Labor Force Pop.5 47. Unemployment LFPR*: rate: 3.55% 54% Million *Labor Force Participation Rate .

Youth Unemployment 70% of the Unemployment population rate: are younger 75% than 30 .

. 2012) girls. with had literacy rates of 74% for males and 55% for females 47% for boys and 39% for (ILO. Education and Literacy The literacy rates are highest Somaliland total gross for the youth aged 15-24 who enrolment is 45%.

The Paradox in Somaliland Only 27% of Unemployment rate: youth/employer combinations are a match by employee 75% among youth requirements Shortage (IOM 2015) (Somaliland High NDP) of Unemplo talented yment .

Reasons for high unemployment in Somaliland • Lack of technical competencies • Lack of experience • Youth bulge and low job-supply .

. Reasons of shortage of talented people • Poor quality training and education • Brain drain: Skilled workers leaving the country.

• Improving education system in way to enhance labor productivity. Solutions for the paradox • Improving colleges & universities in the country to solve illiteracy and brain drain. • Employee development trainings • Encouraging investments and creating jobs .

What impressed me the most? High unemployment + Accessibility of good quality education and training = Lack of talented employee suitable for vacant positions .