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• The most important factor affecting the emergence of entrepreneurship are
considered to be the individual, environment, Socio-economic support
system and institutional setup.
• The environment and the institutional setup are considered to be exerting
direct influence on entrepreneurship.
• The support system and institutional setup would include Entrepreneurship
Development Organizations, extension, research and consultancy services as
well as large industrial units interested in developing ancillary industries.

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Governmental Agencies at State Level
Gujarat was first state in India which spontaneously responded to the development of
Entrepreneurship in the country.
In Karnataka, some important institutes which play a crucial role in the development of
Entrepreneurship are;
 Center for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka (CEDOK)
 District Industries Centre (DIC)
 Karnataka State Industrial Investment and Development Corporation Limited (KSIIDC)
 Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB)
 Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation (KSSIDC) Karnataka State
Financial Corporation (KSFC)
 Technical Consultancy Services Organization of Kamataka (TECSOK)
 Institutional Setup for Women Entrepreneurship in Kamataka.

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Governmental Agencies at National Level
• State Bank of India (SBI)
• Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).
• National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD)
• Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED).
• Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks (STEPs)
• National Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (NAYE).
• Technical Consultancy Organizations (TCOs)
• National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)
• Development Corporations like IDBI, ICICI, IFCI etc.
• Small Industry Development Organization (SIDO)
• Small Industries Service Institute (SISI)

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Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
Aside from National and State government support, NGOs also play an active role in promoting
Entrepreneurship. Some NGOs playing their role for the development of Entrepreneurship in
the Country are;
• Rural Development and self-employment Training Institute (RUDSETI), Chitradurga.
• Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA)
Along with the above, some Entrepreneurial Development Schemes declared by the
government from time to time are also playing an important role for the increasing
entrepreneurship among the country. They are;
• PMRY (Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana) for Urban Micro Entrepreneurs
• Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
• Walmiki Ambedkar Yojana

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Directorate of Industries and Commerce
This is the primary Governmental agency responsible for promoting industrial growth. It
operates through the District Industries Centre (DIC) which are located in the head quarter of
each district.
District Industries Centre (DIC)
The DIC were established in May 1978 in order to cater to the needs of small units. Each
district has a DIC at its head quarters. The main responsibility of DICs is to act as chief
multifunctional agency in respect of various Government departments and other agencies.
The prospective small entrepreneurs would get all assistance from DIC for setting up and
running an unit.
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)
CED came into existence for institutionalising the entrepreneurial development activities at
the state level. CED was committed to promote indigenous Entrepreneurship in the country,
help other state level agencies in the promotion of EDPs, encourage innovative policies and
programmes in Entrepreneurship formation and render valuable services in the identification
and training of new Entrepreneurs.

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TECSOK is a professional industrial technical and management consultancy organization

Promoted by the government of Karnataka in 1976.

Adopts and materializes the schemes of State Ministry.

Leading investor-friendly professional consultancy organization in Karnataka.

With its pool of expertise in varied areas can work with new entrepreneur to identify a
product or project.

Deals with feasibility studies, project reports, market surveys, and sources of finance,
selection of machinery, technology, costing and also providing turnkey assistance.

Facilitates global exposures, updated technology, market strategies, financial restructuring
and growth to improve profitability of an industry.
• It is powered by various experts
• These experts are multidisciplinary

• They may include engineers,
management specialists, economist,
financial consultants etc.

• Business partnerships with reputed
national and multinational consultants.

• Has an exclusive women’s cell.

• Promotion of agro based industries

• Energy management and audit

• Environment and ecology

• Human Resource Development
TECSOK undertake the assignment Other TECSOK activities:
in the field of:
● Guidance in product selection and project
● Technical and market appraisal of identification.
● Market survey and market development advice.
● Industrial potential surveys.
● Fact-finding and opinion reports. ● Consultancy for agro-based industries of a nodal
● Corporate planning. agency of the government of
● Collection and collation of India.
information. ● Diagnostic studies and rehabilitation of sick
● Impact assessment. industries.
● Evaluation of schemes and
programmes. ● Environment impact assessment studies environment
management plans and
● Asset evaluation. propagation of cleaner production techniques.
● Infrastructure development ● Energy management and audit.
project proposal. ● Valuation of assets for mergers and takeovers.
● Event management and publicity ● Infrastructure development project reports.
● Port tariff study and related areas.
campaigns, and ● System study and software development.
● Organizing seminar and ● Management studies, company formation, corporate
workshops. plan, enterprise
restructuring etc.
● Designing and organizing training programme.
Karnataka Industrial Areas Development

Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) is a wholly owned infrastructure
agency of Government of Karnataka, set up under Karnataka Industrial Areas Development
Act of 1966.

It promotes rapid and orderly establishment and development of industries and also
provides industrial infrastructural facilities and other amenities in Industrial areas in

KIAD Act-1966 provides for expeditious acquisition of lands for industrial and
infrastructure purposes.

KIADB functions as per statutory provisions, Rules and Regulations enacted under the

The Board comprises of senior Government Officers in their ex-officio capacities. The
Board members meet regularly to take decisions and monitor the functions.

• KIADB was the first government organization in Karnataka to obtain ISO 9001 certification in
the year 1997.

• Now the KIADB is following ISO 9001:2000 module covering its functions of Land Acquisition,
Development and Allotment functions in Bangalore Urban and Rural districts.

• KIADB has so far developed 160 industrial areas in 29 Districts in the State covering an extent of
76,136 acres, and acquired land for nearly 473 Single Unit Complexes covering an extent of 73,288
Acres ensuring balanced industrial development in all regions with good infrastructures and
unique features.

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• Promote rapid and orderly development of industries in the state.
• Assist in implementation of policies of Government within the purview
of KIAD Act.
• Facilitate in establishing infrastructure projects.
• Function on “No Profit – No Loss” basis.

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• Acquire land and form industrial areas in the state.

• Provide basic infrastructure in the industrial areas.

• Acquire land for Single Unit Complexes.

• Acquire land for Government agencies for their schemes and

infrastructure projects.

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• Land allotment letter

• Confirmation letter

• Possession certificate

• Execution of Lease Deed and Plan approval

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