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Geographical Features

of the United States

Atlantic Coastal Plain

The Atlantic Coastal Plain is a lowland in
North America that stretches along the
Atlantic coast of the United States from
New York to the tip of the Florida

The Great Plains The Great Plains is a vast prairie region extending from Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada south through the west central United States into Texas. formerly inhabited by Native Americans. .

Most of it runs along peaks of the Rocky Mountains and is often called the Great Divide in the United States. The Continental Divide The Continental Divide is a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico that forms the watershed of North America. .

The Continental Divide .

Idaho. Great Basin The Great Basin is an arid region in the western US between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains that includes most of Nevada and parts of the adjacent states (Utah. Wyoming. . California. and Oregon).

Great Basin .

Death Valley Death Valley is a desert valley in Eastern California and Western Nevada. and driest area of the United States. hottest. It is the lowest. .

Death Valley .

Gulf of Mexico The Gulf of Mexico is an arm of the Atlantic to the south of the United States and to the east of Mexico. .

Lawrence River is a North American river which flows into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the North Atlantic. St. . Lawrence River The St.

Lawrence River .St.

The Great Lakes The Great Lakes are a group of five freshwater lakes of central North America between the United States and Canada. Today the Great Lakes connect Midwestern ports with the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Huron. including Lakes Superior. Lawrence Seaway. Ontario. French traders first sighted the lakes in the early 17th century. . and Michigan. Erie.


New York City New York City is the largest city in New York State and in the United States. It is located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river. It is a major financial and cultural center. .

New York City .

Boston. Massachusetts .

Boston. . an arm of Massachusetts Bay. in the eastern part of the state on Boston Bay. Massachusetts Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts.

It is now part of the New York State Barge Canal. Constructed from 1817 to 1825 and enlarged numerous times after 1835. . Erie Canal The Erie Canal is an artificial waterway extending about 360 miles across central New York from Albany to Buffalo.

The Erie Canal .

It is located in the southeastern part of the state on the Delaware river. It is site of Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. .

Pennsylvania .Philadelphia.