Large Span Structures

When is a span a large span??? When, as a consequence of the size of the span, technical considerations are placed so high on the list of architectural priorities that they significantly affect the aesthetic treatment of the building.

Large span structures
Solid structures

Skeletal structures

Surface structures

Geo-Desic Domes

The Montreal Biosphère. Buckminster Fuller. by R. Canada . formerly the American Pavilion of Expo 67. on Île Sainte-Hélène. Montreal.

The Climatron greenhouse at Missouri Botanical Gardens. inspired the domes in the science fiction film Silent Running. built in 1960. .

A Geodesic dome and its Dual .


totalling some one million square metres capable of handling 35 million passengers a year Up to 40 boarding gates for schengen passengers directly attached to the terminal . a terminal building and a satellite or midfield terminal building. The main components of the design include parking facilities.FACTS .

the design team set out to maximise natural daylight to all passenger areas and reduce dependence on artificial light. . while providing views out and reducing solar gain with extensive external shading. Energy: While no specific environmental criteria were stipulated in the brief. with a straightforward linear diagram and a clear progression of spaces for departing and arriving passenger. Initial sketches Legibility: A straightforward linear diagram and a clear progression of spaces for departing and arriving passengers contribute to the legibility and usability of the terminal for passengers and workers alike.CONCEPT A model of legibility. in particular the canyons and the main entry hall generate a truly significant public space for use by all passengers. Public Realm: The grand scale of the terminal.


The concrete work is in-situ. .








Millenium Dome .

Exhibition space Architectural style .Type .Dome Structural system .Steel & tensioned fabric Completed 1999 Architect Richard Rogers Structural engineer Buro Happold Services engineer Buro Happold Awards and prizes Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award .

one for each month of the year or each hour of the clock face 365 m in diameter one metre for each day of the year 52 m high in the middle one for every week of the year Max span is 225 m representing the workin days in a year .Designed with respect to TIME Twelve 100 m-high yellow support towers.

000 .Olympic Stadium (Munich) Broke ground 1968 Opened 26 May 1972 Surface Grass pitch Architect Frei Otto Gunther Behnisch Hermann Peltz Carlo Weber Capacity 80.

The Munich Olympiastadion .


Architect : Shiguri Ban Concept and working ideas by Frei Otto .

Paper Strut s and Roofing detail .

Birds Nest .

FACTS Location Building Type Construction Climate Date 2008 Architect g Beijing. China Public olympic sports stadium Steel frame and fabric linin Temperate Timeline Herzog and de Meuron .


Pierre de Meuron .Construction Jacques Herzog.

construction process 2003 .Pre.

Pile construction process 2004 .

.The primary steel structure of the Stadium includes 24 curved double columns spaced regularly around the building perimeter. Secondary and tertiary curved structural elements overlay the primary structural grid.

The concrete interior structure of Beijing National Stadium was in place before work began on the steel exterior Horizontal trusses intersect at many locations as they span from the perimeter columns to the central ring Stairways wind through the exterior structural frame of Beijing National Stadium. . with nodes ready to receive other members of the superstructure.Each column was fabricated on the ground and set in place.

Zero-layer construction scene .

Welding of joints .

A translucent shading system is affixed to the underside of the stadium's structure. . Unusual light fixtures hang within the steel framework of Beijing National Stadium. which totals 45. though largely open.000 spectators.000 metric tons The complex overlapping steel structure. Beijing National Stadium seats nearly 100.Each steel column location bears an equal share of the superstructure's weight. creates a psychological buffer between inside and out.

Two storey structure construction scene Four storey structure construction scene .

Concrete floor construction completion .

2006 construction scene .March 10.

March 22.2006 construction scene .

Construction scene in first week of June.2006 .

Work at progress .

June 10. 2006 Facade-Steel Truss installation complete .Construction scene .

Interior view .


Water Cube .


TheBirdsnest_Trailer_web.wmv .

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