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Federal Land Consolidation and

Rehabilitation Authority


 Changes the status of corporate entities allows FELCRA Berhad venturing into new business in line with national development aspirations .  Incorporated enterprises overall and has changed its status from a statutory body to a wholly owned Government company.  Established under the Act Incorporating the Board of restoration and Consolidation of land on April 1. BACKGROUND  FELCRA Berhad previously is a legal body of Government known as the Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (FELCRA). 1966. On 1 September 1997  FELCRA Berhad is established under the Act 570. Recovery Board Act and the consolidation of Land (Replacement & liquidation) 1997.

. VISION Remained a plantation house leading and growing as a successful conglomerate.

 Implementing profitable diversifying and at the same time to plan and implement export-oriented as well as determined to achieve successful conglomerate identity. 1 and continues to grow with them with growth with equity. as well as manage. care for and hold the interest of target group trust which the community participants. MISSIONS  Holding the philosophy Participants give thanks No.  Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the development of farms and activities related to more efficient and profitable. .

 Enhance the economic added value of the company. OBJECTIVES  Improve the quality of life of target groups. namely community participants as well as staff.  Improving productivity through efficiency and technology management.  Value-high returns on plantation farms developed. .

ROLES OF FELCRA  Restore or develop any Government land (including lands in the settlement area in droves). whether by his own pedestal with the consent or at the request of the State authority. . and  any other land owner of land with the request in accordance with the terms and conditions as may be agreed between the owner of the land to FELCRA.

FELCRA working on three types of project:- 1)Land Restoration Plan 2)Rural Land Plan 3)Land Plans for Youth . PROJECTS OF FELCRA  In implementing its functions.


.1) Troubleshooting Idle Land Many resources are channeled to the owner which includes:- 1)provision of training. 2)introduction to commercial agriculture system in the form of the farm as well as financial support.

   Felcra’s project in Sabah.  Overcome the abandoned village problem.2) Restructuring and development of villages. . due to the migration of youth to urban area.

 Lead to the increase of the food production.  12 September 2017 . 3)INCREASE THE FOOD PRODUCTION  Contributed as supplier of raw materials to the resource based industries.  The Sun.

 Overcome socio-economic among youth.  Introduction of the commercial agricultural sector to indigenous people (Orang Asli). 4) Other Contribution  The provision of employment opportunities to the rural area.  The establishment of a Modern Urbanization based on agricultural economy .