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Winston Smith *

“I lost my vision in both eyes in 2014 due to being heavily diabetic

which was slowly takings it toll on me over a period of 21 years.”

“The very first dose astonished me, it did what the shots of insulin
could not do, bought down my sugar instantly.”

“I continued for 6 months and the diabetes disappeared.”

“I feel fit as a fiddle.”

“After nearly 3 years of break, I have begun working again.”
* Name changed for privacy purposes
Main Points
✓ Synthesis Paper :
❏ An analyzation of many primary and secondary
resources to support my thesis
✓ Data Collection Project and Results:
❏ Collecting original data as more data to support the
❏ Final Product:
❏ A showcase of the year’s work - “an outlet vehicle”
What is Diabetes?
● a deficiency of insulin

● abnormal regulation of the

glucose levels in the blood

● a gateway to a lifetime of
more health conditions
Symptoms of Diabetes

● major cause of heart disease

● stroke

● kidney disease

● lower limb amputation

● blindness
What is Ayurveda?

● a holistic approach to health

● designed to guide people in living healthy, and balanced lives

● Main Principle:

○ is maintaining balance in the body, mind, and consciousness, through a proper diet

and lifestyle

● all natural and herbal remedies as

○ treatments and

○ prevention of illnesses
My Thesis:

“For the highly complex and endemic nature of Diabetes and it's convoluted
treatment, Ayurveda is a viable and effective ministration due to its developed,

comprehensive and natural strategy of using herbs and exercise, personalized plans

for patients, and significantly less side-effects, especially when compared to

chemical treatments.”
Thesis- Broken Down:
● Diabetes is a prevalent and complicated disease
● Ayurveda is an effective treatment for Diabetes because:
○ Natural techniques
○ Personalized and Flexible
○ Significantly less Side Effects
● When compared to chemical treatments, Ayurveda is
Main Points
Of the Synthesis Paper
Prevalence of Diabetes

● “According to the 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report,

over 30 million people living in the United States have
diabetes.” (Axe, n.d.)
● “The number of people in the U.S. diagnosed with diabetes
rose from 1.5 million in 1958 to 18.8 million in 2010.”
(Patel 2016)
● “The average medical expenditure for people with diabetes
was about $13,700 per year. ” (NIH, 2015)
Ayurveda: Completely Natural and Comprehensive
● “Considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science”
(UMDMC, 2016)

● “Ayurvedic medicines mainly concentrate on the root cause of the problem to

cure the specific system of our body; and hence we can maintain good health
for a long time.” (Seth, 2017)

● “I knew that I needed to change from the inside out. I needed a soul-healing,
habit-changing, life-transforming Ayurvedic makeover.” (Ladouceur, 2016)
Ayurveda: Flexible and Practical

● “He imagined traveling on his travels around the world with his

"emergency kit" on the way, not a desirable prospect!”

(Ayurveda Service, 2014)

● “The healing system of Ayurveda offers valuable wisdom and

guidance that can help us listen to the signals of our body, notice

the first signs that we’re getting out of balance, and make the

necessary changes to reverse the imbalances.” (Patel, 2015).
Ayurveda: Less Side Effects (vs. Chemical Treatments)
● The most common and very preventable side effect of Ayurveda is toxicity
from reaction of medications.

● Insulin injection side effects include seizures, and severe hypoglycemia,

which can be fatal.

● “Side effects that arise from Ayurvedic supplements are the result of
improper use.” (Burns, 2017)
Highlights of the Research Process:

● Siegfried Kogelfranz
● Winston Smith*
Data Collection Project:
● Interviews :
○ Five Interviewees
○ Transcribed Interviews
○ Chart comparing similar themes
○ Analysis of responses in each interview
○ Set questions
● Interviewees :
○ Dr. Usha Vemulakonda
○ Dr. Chavvi Gupta
○ Dr. Krishna Gopal
○ Ms. Debbie Martin
○ Dr. Anuj Bhatnagar
Data Collection Results
Significant Information Learned:

● There are 20 different types of Diabetes under the science

of Ayurveda.
● 4 types, that usually come under Type 1 Diabetes, are not
● Four types are due to Vata imbalances, six are due to Pitta
imbalances, and ten due to Kapha imbalances.
● Ayurveda is a healing system not discovered by traditional
scientific means, but proven by traditional scientific means.
Data Collection Results (Quotes from Interviews)
“Experience is the best way to “Ayurveda is the rich storehouse of
sway belief [about the time tested and effective recipes for the
treatment of several obstinate and
effectiveness of Ayurveda]. otherwise incurable diseases such as
Words mean nothing until the Diabetes. More important than these
patient or person actually recipes are the specialized therapies
experiences the change in the which, while curing such diseases,
strengthen the immune system in the
body after yoga and Ayurveda body and thus help in the prevention of
treatments.” diseases and preservation and
-Debbie Martin ( Experienced promotion of positive health.”
Yoga Instructor and follower of an
Ayurvedic lifestyle) -Dr. Usha Vemulakonda (
Doctor specializing in Internal
Final Product:

● Designing an Experiment:
○ The healing science of Ayurveda has much research, but it’s viability
as a treatment for Diabetes does not.

● Purpose of the experiment:

○ To test Ayurvedic treatments and chemical treatments,
○ That claim to have the same function,
○ in order to determine the overall effectiveness

● Result: a clear comparison of Ayurveda and chemical treatments on Diabetes.
PURPOSE (Conclusion):
1. A call to action that there needs to be a change
and improvement in treatments for Diabetes

1. To let it be known that Ayurveda is a viable and

effective treatment for Diabetes, and

1. To popularize the treatment through my the final

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