Oral presentations

thank you very much for coming along here today. ladies and gentlemen. . thank you for finding the time to come and join me for this presentation this afternoon.  Good afternoon.Welcoming your audience  Ladies and gentlemen.

I've invited you here today to have a look at my findings.The aim of the presentation  The purpose of this presentation is to discuss how we can improve internal communications.  .

Finally. I'd like to finish by talking about some of the basics. Secondly.. I want to talk about different styles and methods.... ..Signposting (1)    Let me begin by explaining that I'd like to talk about the business case for better communication.

... I'd like to have a look at the performance of the company. ...and thirdly..Signposting (2)    First. Then I'd like to have a look at our market share. . I'd like to suggest some improvements....

At the end. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions...  .Framing question time in advance  I'd be very happy to invite you to pose questions at the end of the session.

Presenting slides  If you have a look at this first graph..   . If you look at this slide. As you can see.. you will see. you can see..... Now look at our market share.

....  . A good illustration of the communication process is.Illustrating your presentation  A good example of how important internal communciations are..

I'd be very happy to answer them now.Question time  If you have any questions. Does anyone have any questions?  .

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