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Debie Kate Samonte

Ella Mae Esolan


It is an American entertainment company that produces,

acquires and distributes filmed entertainment through multiples
It was a typical Monday morning on November 24, 2014 when
suddenly a creepy image of red skull with a warning flashed on
their computer screens.

There twitter account was also hacked of which another was

posted by the hackers.
The hacked was described as a blackmail attempt and has been
linked to a group calling itself “GUARDIANS OF PEACE”
CNN has reported: citing US investigators and law enforcement
sources- that “hackers working for North Korea” and the
Pyonggang regime were behind the Sony hack
• The hackers claim to have stolen about 100 terabytes of sensitive data
from Sony, and they have already leaked five Sony films online for free
through file-sharing websites.

• Emails between THE INTERVIEW’s creator and Sony Executives leaked


• Salaries of its employees

• Celebrities Aliases
• Steve Jobs drama

• Obama racism

• Snapchat

• Medical documents

• Employees also received a mass-email attacked