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Basic Events
Management Lecture
Capacitating Sangguniang Kabataan
Officials in Events Management

Acting Department Head
City Events, Protocol and Public Information Office
Events: Pahingurag
na Fundiurag
Why do we conduct an Event?
• Sugo kaya ni Kapitan; • We see it as a duty
• Trip mi lang na may event ta boring kaya and function not
sa opisina, puro paper works; because we want
it; we need it, and
• makapasali lamang we love doing it
• No choice, it is an responsibility, naka-
schedule na kaya;
• Ma-election na kaya, kaya kaipuhan
mapromote su mga kandidato;
Why do we conduct an Event?
• Inspires a community; • Strengthening of
• foster feeling of civic pride or community regional values;
solidarity preservation of
• Provide opportunities heritage
• Cultural and educational understanding
• Skills development, participation and
• Enhance barangay image or recognition
• Communicates barangay prosperity
• Communicates barangay vision
Why do we conduct an Event?
• Contribute to sustainable development • Construction of
• Stimulate tourism, economic and investment new facilities;
activities local
• Create jobs; infrastructures
• Advance an advocacy or program
• Disseminate information
• Motivate participation
• Launch a program
• People come to events for different reasons
• Food
• Inspiration
• Culture
• Performers
• Knowledge
• Interests

• Dai pwede na su trip mo lang; consider the trip of others

Inter-Zone Sports Tournament
• Over 1,500 barangay residents involved • Increase in vehicular
• 600+ players traffic;
• 50+ Coaches
• 20+ Organizers • Increase in solid wastes
• 800+ Audience • Increase in crime
• 10+ earning from sales
incidence (theft)
• Sense of Community (Support)
• Increase in risks
• Busy economic activities
• Festive atmosphere; happy people
• Emotion overflow; attachment to the
Probable SK Events
• Annual Youth Report and • Job Fairs
Assembly • Review and training programs
• Sports Tournament/Physical • Free Review for Civil Service Exams
Fitness • Bloggers 101

• Advocacy Events • Launching Events

• Scholarship Programs
• HIV AIDS Awareness
• Environmental (Green Brigade) Events
• Anti-Drug Abuse Awareness
• Computer Centers and Library
• Parenting 101
• Family Relations Program
• Free Wifi sa Barangay
An event siring sa ralasyon
Dapat may plano
• encompasses the

Events Management
planning and
production of all types
of events, including
meetings and
exhibitions, festivals
and other cultural
celebrations, sport

• Focuses on “planned
Types of Events
• Cultural Celebrations
• Festival
• Commemorations
• Religious Events
• Parades and processions
• Art and Entertainment
• Sports and Recreational Events
Types of Events
• Business and Trade
Events (MICE)
• Fairs
• Conferences and Conventions
• Exhibitions
• Educational and Scientific
• Political/State Events
Making an event “Special”
• Uniqueness ■ Hospitality
• A multiplicity of roles ■ Tangibility
• Festive Spirit ■ Theming
• Satisfying basic needs ■ Symbolism
• Quality ■ Affordability
• Authenticity
■ Convenience
• Flexibility
Event Planning
• Well managed and
safe event evolves
through a process of
careful planning
Event Concept
• Successful events are
usually based on a strong
concept and purpose.

• Ideas for holding events

arise from a multitude of
Ay halat muna man daw!
• If the event is unique or if it’s duplicating an existing
• If there is a gap in the market that the event can fill
• If there is a demand for such an event
• If the resources are available to deliver it
• If the community, the local authority and relevant
sector body will support and ‘buy into’ the event
• If it will be financially viable
• If it will be sustainable in the longer term
• If it has potential for growth
• If there will be any legacy
Event Concept
• Mission and Vision
• S.M.A.R.T. dapat
• SWOT Analysis:
Opportunities and
An event siring sa man sa ka-
ilusyon mo
Dakulon sanang hagadon
Event Concept
• Date
• Nature of the Event
• Weather
• Target Audience
• Competition
• Resources
Event Concept
• Venue
• Event History • Transport & Parking
• Venue History & Reputation • Timing
• Location • Restrictions
• Budget • Reinstatement
• Audience
• Services & Resources
Event Concept
• Uso/In ba yan?
• Interisado ba an mga target audience o
particicpants ko dyan?
• Ano an bago? Dai pa nagigibo kan iba na pwede
mi gibuhon?
• Color Schemes
Event Proposal Title:
Observance of the Araw ng
Identify the following: Kagitingan and Philippine Veterans
Week Celebration for 2018
• Event Title Venue/Date/Time:

• Venue, Date and Time 10 April 2018

• 7:45 am: Flag-raising and wreath-
laying: Naga City Hall Grounds,
fronting Monument of the Unknown
• 8:30 am: Commemorative Program
and Exhibit: Naga City People’s
Event Proposal Observance of the Araw ng
Kagitingan and Philippine Veterans
Week Celebration for 2018
• To have a simple yet meaningful
Identify the following: observance of the Araw ng Kagitingan
and Philippine Veterans Week
• Event Rationale/ pursuant to the mandate under
Executive Order No. 2013 s of 1987
objectives and Presidential Proclamation No.
466, s. 1989, respectively;
• To promote, preserve and
memorialize the principles, ideals and
heroic deeds of our Filipino war
• To honor Nagueno/a surviving
Philippine-American War, World War
II and Korean Campaign war veterans
through the grant of stipend pursuant
to City Ordinance No. 2016-042
• To honor courage and bravery of Lt.
Delfin C. Rosales, the 22-year-old
WWII Nagueno hero who lost his life
saving a wounded comrade.
Event Proposal • Event will have the following
• Flag-raising ceremony
Identify the following: • Wreath-laying ceremony
• Commemorative Program
• Event Components • Unveiling of the Lt. Delfin
Rosales Bust
• Inter-faith Prayer
• Messages from
• Mayor John Bongat
• Philippine Army Commander
• Veteran Representative
• Entertainment
• Distribution of Stipend
• Hospitality/Breakfast
• Exhibit
Event Proposal
Lead Agency: City Events,
Protocol and Public Information
Lead and partner Office

agencies Partner Agencies:

• Honors/Ceremonies: • Exhibit
• 9th Infantry Division Philippine • Jose B. Barrameda
Army Collection
• Naga City Police Office • Raul S. Roco-Naga City
• Naga City Central Fire Station Public Library
• Bureau of Jail Management • Restoration of Monument
and Penology
• Solid Waste Management
• Boys Scouts of the Philippines Office
• Girl Scouts of the Philippines
• Base of Lt. Delfin C.
• Program/Registration Rosales
• City Youth Officials 2017 • City Engineer’s Office
• Immaculate Conception Parish
• Grant of Incentives
• United Church of Christ of the
Philippines • Naga City Office of the
Senior Citizens Affairs
• Bicol Islamic Education
Foundation • Naga City Treasurer’s
Event Proposal
• Surviving Veterans
Identify the following: • Naga City Veterans
• Target Participants/
Audience • Barangay Officials
• City Employees
• Students
Prepare the Budget
Chargeable against CEPPIO • Catering service 120 packs @ 75.00 - P9,000.00
• Packed
• Fabrication of soldier’s rifle and cap- P15,000.00 • 1 cup of rice
• 1 serving corned beef (60 grams)
• Catering Services Package - P25,000.00 • 1 piece fried egg (large)
• Buffet Style • 1 piece banana (lakatan, medium, 100 grams)
• 10 round tables (10s) with simple centerpieces • 1 bottled water (350 ml)

• 100 pcs monoblock chairs • Stipend for Speaker -

• Buffet Table P3,000.00
• Use of plates, glasses, cups, utensils
• Tarpaulin - P7,000.00
• With Food Servers
• Supplies2.5 x 6 ft post banner (12pcs)
• Brunch for 100 pax
• 8 x 13 ft backdrop (1 pc)
• Rice (1 cup), Daing na Bangus (120 grams), Atchara
(10 grams), Skinless Longganisa (80 grams), Mixed • Exhibit Tarps
Vegetables (1/2 cup), Fried egg (medium), Fruit Salad • Supplies and Materials - P5,000.00
(1 cup), Coffee (1 cup), Provision for water station
Chargeable against Office of the Senior Citizens
• Stipend @ 5,000.00 x 20 veterans - P100,000.00
An event garo man sana sa
Kadakulon meron
Putting the team together
Events Team
• Whatever your
particular set up, it is
key that you select
the right team with
the relevant skills to
take the event
Event Manager
• Planning and leadership are closely related.
• The leader, often the event founder, senior manager or perhaps
a Board chairperson, seeks to influence the actions of others to
meet the vision and goals.
• This requires the ability to motivate others, and good
communications skills.
An event manager dapat garo man
sana su ex mo

Effective sa multiple relationship

Siisay sana an dapat
• Steering Group - events that
involve partnership working and
funds are usually overseen by a
‘Steering Group’ often made up of
representatives of the various
• Sub-groups are created in order
to address and effectively
manage certain issues/areas.
Kun gabos lider,
daing mahahaman

›› • Recruit Staffs
• Look for Volunteers
• Hire reliable suppliers
List down your partners
• Departments and agencies
• Venue Set up (Barangay Support Staff)
• Cleanliness (Barangay Cleaners/Rabuz Orgs)
• Sound System and Documentation (SS. Team,
• Permits (Kapitan)
• Participants (Zone Organizations)
An event garo man sana pag may

Budget and Financial

• Right from the start,

ensure that you set a
realistic budget with
inbuilt flexibility and
be realistic
{make it simple}
An gobierno dakul proceso
• Check for fund availability;
• We have a procurement law;
• Be knowledgeable of the process;
• Magin ma-inamigo;
• Look for credible and qualified suppliers
Magastos Talaga.
Where to source funds
• Ticket Sales (i.e.audiences, spectators)
• Participant Entry Fees (i.e.sports events)
• Public Funds
• Commercial Sponsorship
• Trusts and Foundations
• Concessions & Franchises
• Merchandising
• Showcase, Demonstration and Information
• Advertising
• In-Kind Support
• Other Activities
How to fish sponsors
-Product Exposure
-Merchandising Rights
An event dapat bako arog mo sa

Event Programme
Regardless of event type, a strong event
programme is essential for success.
When Preparing the Programme,
consider these:
• Elements or components
• what should be incorporated; streamline
• Running time
• Too long makes your event dragging
• As much as possible opening ceremonies should be through in two (2) hours
• Attendees
• Are they old people; young people; professionals? What are their interests?
• Protocol (who speaks first, who introduces who?)
• Limit the speakers; no one should speak after the guest of honor or keynote
speakers piece
• Heraldry and Protocol (what anthem to sing, placement of the flags)
Basic Heraldry
• Flags should be placed on the platform (commanding position)
• Philippine Flag: left of the observer
• Naga City Flag: right of the observer
• Ph Flag should not be smaller than LGU flags
• Ph Flag size should be equal the size of other state flags
• Flags should not touch the ground
• Flags should be clean and in proper state;
Event Production

Kun sain pwede an maarte alagad bawal

Event Production
• Venue
• Capacity
• Access, Egress & Flow
• Sterile Areas
• Surface and Underground Conditions
• Existing Site Features
• Placement of Equipment and Services
• Sanitary Facilities
• Local Residents (Commercial and Domestic)
• Signages
• Facilities for People with Disabilities
• Litter & Waste
Venue Layout
• all entrances and exits • entertainment sites ie rides,
• emergency access routes jumping castle

• paths used by vehicles • toilet facilities

• paths for pedestrians only • waste bins/refuse sites

• car parking • first aid posts

• information centre (HQ) • drinking water sites

• food and other stall holder • liquor outlets

locations • approved liquor
• stage and temporary consumption areas
structure locations • non-alcohol (dry) areas
• seating arrangements • security and/or police
• shade and/or shelter locations
• fire fighting equipment
Event Production
• Health and Safety
• Emergency Services
• Medical Services
• Welfare Services
• Traffic and Transport Management
• Security and Stewarding
• Risk Management
• Identify the hazards; worse case scenario (ie stampede)
Event Marketing, Promotions
and Communication
Event Marketing

Kun sain may pakinabang an mga tsimoso asin tsimosa

Marketing and Communications

Develop an Event Brand

Marketing and Communications
• Print: posters, leaflets, postcards, programmes,
• Direct mail and print distribution
• Media advertising: print, radio and TV
• Website/internet/e-bulletins
• Outdoor advertising: billboards, bus sides, poster
sites, street dressing, etc
• Friends/ambassadors’ programmes/clubs
• Media releases, promotions and activity
• Media sponsorship
Feedback Mechanism
• Make sure to get feedback from participants
• Over-all rating
• Ask if they are satisfied
• Time Management
• Program Presentation
• Food and Production
• Topics and speakers, if applicaple
• Staff Friendliness
• Staff Helpfulness
Post Event
• Evaluate the feedback from participants
• Practice Good Housekeeping
• Meet and evaluate
• Debriefing

Don’t forget to have an events management
Thank you
your ceppio
serving. empowering. inspiring.

City Events, Protocol and Public Information Office

Room 202, 2nd Floor, Naga City Hall
J. Miranda Avenue, Naga City 4400
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