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SAP Activate Methodology Comparison

to ASAP and SAP Launch

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Month 00, 2017


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How SAP Activate Methodology
Compares to ASAP and SAP Launch

– SAPACTIVATE methodology is effectively designed to succeed all variants of ASAP 8 methodology and SAP
– Differences for different deployment options are reflected in specific versions of the methodology for each
deployment type

 Based on use of SAP Best Practices or SAP Model Company

 Supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments
 Blueprint activities replaced with fit/gap and fit to standard workshops
 Agile delivery built in by default
 Combined Final Preparation & Go-Live Support phases into one (Deploy)
 Support for cloud and on-premise solutions – e.g. SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite (ERP, CRM, SRM,…)
 Refined work streams that support all transition scenarios to SAP S/4HANA – new implementation, system
conversion and landscape transformation

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SAP Activate/SAP Launch/ASAP Phase Alignment
Phase Comparison

Execute Execute Execute Execute Execute Execute

SAP Activate Q-Gate
Q Q-Gate
Q Q-Gate
Q Q-Gate
Q Q-Gate
Q Q-Gate
Discover Prepare
Prepare Explore
Explore Realize
Realize Deploy
Deploy Run

SAP Launch

Prepare Realize
Realize Verify
Verify Launch


Project Prep
Prep Blueprint
Blueprint Realization
Realization Final
Final Prep
Prep Go-Live
Go-Live Support

Quality Gates move to the end of phases in SAP Activate, from the end of specific streams in SAP Launch, and reduced to
one per phase from multiple in ASAP.

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Work Streams
Alignment between Methodologies
SAP ACTIVATE Work Stream Maps to ASAP Maps to SAP Launch
Project Management PM – Project Management Project Management
ALM – Application Lifecycle Management – (Project Standards)
Application: BPM – Business Process Management (including RCEFW) Solution Design
Design & Configuration Solution Configuration
Solution Walkthrough
Application: Testing ISM – Test Management Solution Testing
Application: Integration TSM – Technical Solution Management (Integration Design) Integration Preparation
TSM – Technical Solution Management (environment setup) Integration Setup
Application: Solution Adoption VM – Value Management Solution Adoption (part)
OCM – Organization Change Management
TRN – Training (end user)
Application: TRN – Training (project team) Project Team Enablement
Customer Team Enablement
Custom Code Extensions BPM – Business Process Management (Custom extensions beyond RICEFW) N/A
System & Data Migration DM – Data Migration Data Migration
DA – Data Archiving Cutover Planning
COM – Cut Over Management Cutover Execution
Technical Architecture & TSM – Technical Solution Management (Solution Landscape/ Deployment Concept, Dev/Q, Failover environment setup) N/A
Infrastructure ALM – Application Lifecycle Management – (Operational Standards for technology)

Transition to Operations TSM – Technical Solution Management (helpdesk process, Incident Mgmt, Change Control Mgmt) Solution Adoption (part)
ALM – Application Lifecycle Management – (Operational Standards for process and people)

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Chief Product Owner
SAP Activate Methodology