Introduction to HRIS

MIS/Technical Review s What is an HRIS/HRMS? s Introduce the SDLC


Data vs Information

Data - “Just the facts” >>raw facts Information - data that has been transformed into a more useful or meaningful form



Data vs Information Finance Justin Pujah Zlotnick Psychology Alge Richardson 3 Communications Ty Shah .

Data vs Information LastName Richardson Shah Zlotnick FirstName Ty Pujah Justin Major Psychology Finance Communications Favorite_Teacher Alge Alge Alge 4 .

How does data become information? Data Transformation Process Information .

What is a “System” s A set of elements or components that are formed and interact to accomplish a goal (e.g. transform data into information) 6 .

What is an Information System? Input Processing Output Feedback Loop .

Net pay) Output (cut paycheck) Feedback Loop (Is paycheck accurate?) .An HR Example Input (hours worked) Processing (Calc.

g.g.g payroll) s Management Information Systems (e.Evolution of Information Systems Transaction Processing (e. How many employees should we hire?) s Expert Systems s 9 . daily & monthly absenteeism summary) s Decision Support Systems (e.

. s Hardware Software s Databases s Telecommunication s Procedures s People s 10 .Any Computer-based Info Systems (HRIS included) Consists of..

GIGO 11 .

What is a “Human Resource InformationSystem” s The application of computers to employee-related record keeping and reporting. and management decision making 12 .

virtually non-existent s 1960’s .Numerous vendors.HRIS a reality in many orgs s 1990’s .greater need s 1980’s .History of HRIS 1950’s .only a select few s 1970’s . specialties s 13 .

Growth of HRMS HR Software sales Micro PC Millions $80 $60 $40 $20 1983 1985 1986 1987 1989 1991 14 .

Typical HRIS Record Keeping Requirements Employee information s Wage and salary data s Review dates s Benefits s Education and training s Attendance s Performance data/appraisal results s 15 .

Typical HRIS Reporting Reqs. Employee profiles/lists s Summary reports on employee groups s Historical trends in work-related info s Person-position comparisons s 16 .

. Pension Admin Jobs People Positions Benefits Recruit/ Employ EEO/AAP Payroll Emp.HRIS Tracks.. Relations 17 . Medical Records Workers Comp Health & Safety HR Planning T&D Comp.

.. new system? s Make versus Buy? s Scope? s Goals/Objectives? s Strategy s 18 . Fix what we’ve got (Improve current systems) vs.Developing an HRIS: A host of decisions.

Developing an HRIS: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Planning Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance 19 .

or a lot later!!!” 20 .Phase Containment s Identify and address any problems at their earliest possible step to avoid costly rework down the road “Pay a little now.

unrealistic expectations Lack of overall plan for record mgt.Why HRISs Sometimes Fail s s s s s s s Unclear goals/objectives System solves the wrong problem Improper vendor/product selection Low user involvement Planning overlooks impact on clerical procedures Lack of HR/functional expertise in designing Underestimate conversion effort s s s s s s Management. Lack of flexibility and adaptability Misinterpret HR specifications Poor communication between HR/IS Inadequate testing 21 .

Why are Carefully Developed Info Systems Important to HR? s s s s s s s s s Better safety Better service Competitive Advantage Fewer Errors Greater Accuracy Higher Quality Products Improved Health Care Improved Communication Increased Efficiency s s s s s s s Increased Productivity More efficient administration More opportunities Reduced labor requirements Reduced costs Superior managerial decision making Superior control 22 .

HROffice s Eric Systems Inc.Vendor Contacts Http://www. s Infinium s Spectrum s 23 .org/market/onlineguide/alphabetical.htm PeopleSoft s Oracle HR Applications s Ascentis Software .ihrim.

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