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The Green Challenges

Marketing Challenge
Our Father

Our Father who art in heaven.

Holy be your name, Your kingdom come
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our
sins as we forgive those who sins against us.
Do not bring us to the test but deliver us from evil.
Share your learnings…

What did you learn from our

2nd day session?
Day 3 Objectives
 Be aware of the global situation in relation to

 Understand the cause and effect of

individual’s lifestyle and treatment to the

 Come up with an individual commitment

pertinent to Marketing Challenge identified
The Green Challenges
 IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
 Unequivocal and very likely 90% increased of
global warming are due to man made green
house gases (GHGs)

 Increase in GHGs are due to:

 Use of fossil fuels
 Changes in land use
The Green Challenges
 Temperature will rise
 Per decade - 0.1%
 Current projections - 0.2%.

 Perils to human life

 Mass extinctions
 Droughts
 Famines
 Spreading diseases
 Floods
 Extreme weather
The Green Challenges
 Living planet report 2006
 UK – 3 planet lifestyle
 US - 5.3 planet lifestyle

 Marketing objectives
 Individual lifestyle need to change
 Reduction of harmful resources
 UK – 66%
 US – 85%

Lifestyles need to change beyond recognition!

The Green Challenges

Video Showing: The Inconvenient Truth

Individual Activity
 Write down in 1/2 sheet of paper any similar
scenario happened and/or happening in the
Philippine setting.

 Identify point A to point B.

 What do you think are the solutions?

The Marketing Challenges
 Importance of Green Marketing
 Influence to the public
 Support to business and government
 Builds CSR
 Innovations on products and services
 Cultural change campaigns
 Thrive of new businesses
Marketing Challenges
 Persuade people to shape lifestyle
 Make lifestyle attractive and normal
 Achieve the green output in a different
cultural guise
 Spread current good practices
 Innovate
 Introduce better substitute
 Create habits
 Be part of green wave of innovation
What now?
 What are the individual’s lifestyle that affects
the environment?

 Write down in a sheet of paper. Enumerate

as many as you can.
Environmental Challenge
 Based on the identified lifestyle, select at
least 2 areas that you will commit to

 Example:
4. Driving 7 days a week – reduce to 6 days
5. Smoke 1 pack a day – reduce to half pack
 Read the following topics:

 Green Consumer?
 Sustainability – The backroom revolution