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Summer Internship

Presented By:
Yash Koladiya
Mayank Saxena
NIRMA University
Project Title

 Increase market penetration of Amul

products in Ahmedabad using analysis of
order and sales data available with
 To identify potential increase in SKUs and increase
average number of SKUs per outlet.
 To identify potential new outlets and widen the current
Amul universe.
 To identify dead retailers using database and make
them active ones.
 To identify opportunity for display boards.
 To update address and phone numbers in Master
data base for smoother operations.
• Bhagwan Provision Store, Naroda
• Total Retailer Count: 1280
• Beats :24
• No. of Salesman: 5
Methodology Adopted:
• We accompanied sales person and get to know
the current universe of the distributor.
• Analyse the current market situation of Amul
using the live database available with Amul
• Using systematic study and analysis of the data
available, it is possible to increase the efficiency
of salesman and market reach.
Obj: Beat Restructuring
• Too long or too short beats.
• Duplication of outlets.
• Incorrect Billing information.
• Incorrectly placed outlets.
• Permanently closed outlets.
• One outlet in two beats.
• Identified closed outlets and doubled entered
outlets with the help of the sales persons and
distributor and removed them.
• Then, identified incorrectly placed outlets from
all the beats and put these outlets in correct
• Then we identified some small beats and
combined them to make them larger beats and
reduce number of total beats.
• It is made sure that each salesman should visit
maximum 45 shops in a day.
• The route is designed in such a way that the
retailer shops in a beat should be in linear
Updation of Retailers Data
• Earlier there were approx. 1280 shops in all
• We segmented the data and classified according
to the beats.
• Total Shops: 784
• The data will be uploaded in the database once
it is fully confirmed by the distributor.
Obj: Non-Billed Outlets
Non-Billed Outlets
• Identified the Non Billed Outlets from the data
• Accompanied with the salesman and identified
the reason for Non-Billing.
Non Billed Outlets
• 01-May-2018 to 11-May-2018: 297 outlets were
not billed according to Core Stocky.
• Targeted outlets not billed after 16-May-
2018.(Dead outlet of one month)
• Converted 14 outlets dead from one month from
11-May to 16-May.
Retailer Buying Trends
• We analyse buying trend of all the retailers
for ice cream of last year.
• It helped us to know which outlets were
permanently closed and which one can be
targeted further to increase sales.
• On market visit it was found that there was
problem in ordering and delivering.
Thank You