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³Pure and safe´ campaign. Entrance of new competitors in the late 1990s.Background ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Parle Bisleri was synonymous with branded drinking water and held a market share of 70% in the early 1990s. Aimed to have a turnover of Rs 10 billion by 2003. . Difficulty in differentiating itself from competitors.

40% of the branded water consumption was in eateries. . y Need in the Smaller Segment-Introduction of 300 ml cups for marriages and conventions y Need of the 1. homes and restaurants.2 litre segment was identified which helped in achieving greater profit margin.Need Identification y Need in the Bulk pack segment ±Large shops and Complexes.

y Bulk Segment: the bulk segment(5 and 20 litres) accounted for 20% of Bisleri¶s revenues and by 2001 . y Popular Segment: Came to known as Common mans Brand. Bisleri never tried to enter this brand.Segmentation And Targeting y Premium Segment: Dominated by Foreign Brands.

Positioning y Positioned itself as a bottled water company Offering y y y y pure and clean drinking water. Shift from Pure and Safe to Play Safe Play Safe ad campaign: Targeted young people. The campaign focussed on the need to make sure that young people are safe even when they are having fun. Introduced products like Bisleri Natural Mountain Water . Pure and Safe ad campaign: Convinces the consumers that it was the only pure and safe branded water in the market.

. Bisleri planned to spend this amount on advertising and marketing.87.Rs 59. Company had an extra Rs 14. The company¶s margin .57.2 litre pack priced at Rs 12.13 per crate. The retailer price for a crate of 1.Pricing y Launch of 1.2 litres bottles ± Rs 120.2 litre bottles to the company y y y y ± Rs 60. y Total cost of a crate of 1.56 per crate. The comparable margin for a crate of 1 litre bottles ± Rs 44.

1L. 500ml.Packaging y Started with glass bottles then moved to PVC bottles and finally PET bolltles y 8 unique pack sizes available in 250ml cups. 250ml bottles.5L. 2L which are the nonreturnable packs & 5L. 1. . 20L which are the returnable packs.

y Patent the hexagonal shape so that it cannot be adopted by others y Breakaway seal .2l) y Changed the circular tag to display the name to vertical tag on bottle.y Blue color to Aqua green y Available in hexagonal (500ml and 5l) and circular shape(1l.

Shift in positioning.Advertising y Bisleri¶s µPure And Safe¶ campaign. µPlay Safe¶ campaign. Vertical labeling. y Ad campaign to create a distinct brand image µThere y y y y is just one Bisleri¶. Targeting youth with a social message .

y It changed the colour of its bottle cover from blue to green in 2006. y It currently has 52 bottling plants across India . and Bisleri Fuzzy soda. Bisleri Mountain water. y Its portfolio includes Bisleri with added minerals.Current Scenario y Bisleri has 60% market share in Packaged drinking water.

Learning from the Case y Sense the need in the market and create a product y One has to do things differently if one wishes to stay y y y y ahead of their competitors Strong distribution network always helps in reaching out to a large number of consumers Right packaging and advertising is extremely important to clearly put forth your product to the consumers Diversify your product so that it appeals to a broader consumer base Modify the product according to the changing times .

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