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Presentation on the leadership style of

“Azim Premji”

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“I was brought up to believe that values are more important than
About Azim Premji
 Born on : 24 July, 1945
 Place of Birth : Mumbai, India
 Educated from : Stanford University(Electrical Er.)
 Occupation : Chairman of Wipro (CEO)
 Residence : Bangalore
 Married to : Yashmeen
Azim Premji and situational
 Directive : Vegetable oils and soap business IT
 Coaching : Emphasis on training and mentorship.
 Supportive : Customer orientation through
 Delegating : setting up of task force post Vivek Paul
 Effective recruitment.
View of Azim Premji
 He is well known Indian business leader whose values
and ethics are renowned amongst business circles.

 Azim’s leadership is a paradoxical blend of quiet

dynamism with an understand drive for excellence

 Leaders always play to win: and Mr. premji follows that

principal in his company
 According to Azim Premji

“Leadership must be transparent. Leadership must set the

tenure and the standards of what it is articulating. It must
practice the talk”
Leadership qualities of Azim Premji
 The leader first is a human being, and the quote suggest that Azim
Premji is man with values. He better know the value of money and

 Azim Premji is the person who know his barriers and limits, that he
knows he requires some homework to take some key decisions about
organization and investment. So, for proper decisions he choose Vivek
Paul as a CEO of Wipro, as he has better global approach.

 Mr.Premji is very hand on person. As he thinks that it is not enough to

give orders only but also he has to be hand on during the execution of
orders. Even if he has appointed Mr. Vivek ,he is very hand on.
 He is very open minded with concern to his organization, as he
motivates his employees by ‘I like to create businessman. Mr.premji
encourages the employee to run the devision as if its their own
business, so that they can deeply involved in the field.

 Mr. Premji is a ‘Cautiously paranoid’, as he praises the opponents better

work as a genuine competitor and gives them a genuine competition to
Leadership style of Azim Premji
 On Teamwork:
 Unless you build a strong network of people with
complementary skills, you will be restricted by your own

 It's the ability to become an integral part of a cross- cultural

team which is an important ingredient in the recipe for success.

 This is because we are confronted with harsh challenges in this

world and it is very difficult to face them alone.
On Excellence
 There is a tremendous difference between being good and
being excellent in whatever you do.
 In the present-day scenario, going good is not enough.
Globalisation has ushered in new standards of quality. In fact,
excellence is a like a “goalpost in motion.”
 One has to raise the bar constantly. So if you reach a
milestone, you can't just sit down and relax. It's all about
continuing to strive for more.
 Leader-member relations:
The degree of confidence ,trust and respect members have in
their leader.
 Position power:
Influence derived from one’s formal structure position in the
organization, it include power of hire, too.
Azim Premji as a leader
 Personality traits
 Value oriented person
 Down-to-earth personality
 High on action
 Believes in Professionalism
 Prefers solitude to the spot light
 Always believes in work
Two secrets of his success
 Clear vision and proper planning
 Looking forward for applying force
 In 2005, the Government of India honored him with the title of
Padma Bhushan for his outstanding work in trade & commerce.
 In 2011, he has been awarded Padma Vibhushan, the 2nd
highest civilian award by the Govt. of India.
 In 2013, he received the Economic Times Lifetime
Achievement Award.
Thank you

“Excellence is not an act, but it’s a habit”