Utilization of IT for Rural Mass

Sanjeev Sarma

About WebX
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WebX is based out of Guwahati, Assam. The company offers its customers full range of IT services. Its competencies range from system analysis to solution implementation with high-quality technical support. Since its Inception in 2001, WebX is providing top quality services to customers in a variety of industries, such as Finance and Investment, Communications, Transportation, Retail and Wholesale, Healthcare and Publication Etc. Its customers ranges from small businesses to multinationals and government agencies

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Software Development IT Infrastructure Management Web Presence Web Applications Wireless Applications IT Consultancy

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Content Management Systems Document Management Systems Online Ticketing Systems HRM / CRM Systems Mini ERPs Project Management & MIS IVRS Systems

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70+ Websites 25+ Web Applications 10+ Desktop Application 2 IVR System Project Management & MIS

Major Satisfied Clients
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NF Railways Assam State Transport Corporation Rural Works Department, Arunachal Pradesh BVFCL Oil India Limited STPI, Guwahati DOEACC MIDC ARTFED FINER CE DD & AIR RD Handicraft Visions Unlimited Inc., UK Delight Life Inc, USA NetIntra Inc., USA Frontagetech Inc., USA

Rur al IT : I ssue s an d Concept ua l Fr amew or k

Rural Household Economic Decisions

Value Chain for IT Based Services

700000 700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0 60 550 5500 200000

Major Cities





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Urban Category Rural Category

Nature of Intervention

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District, Block, Sub-Block Level has to be multipurpose and flexible. Activity Based It will not only provide information but also train people in the area. Will have to take up multiple types of Activities

Language and Awareness

Requires innovative courseware and content in local languages Should be able to create content locally

Effective Networking

Cannot survive in isolation. It has to clustered and networked. Both Intranet and Internet possibilities can be explored Human network can be established

Entrepreneurial Mode

Unemployed Youths can be given opportunities Quick Loans after effective training programs to set up rural IT Centers

School as carriers

They are a point of convergence and their social acceptability is high Already have minimum infrastructure

Panchayats as Carriers
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Training of panchayat functionaries Can be up-linked to district or state resources

Creating rural knowledge workers

Who have information and who know from where the information can be obtained. Such a person will have access to various databases and information

Choice of Activities

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It is commercially feasible Initially a static savings from reductions in transaction costs may be the order of few percent of value added In the long run bringing rich information to the population of rural India

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