Brand name of Apna Bazar Mumbai kamgar maghyavari grahak sahakari mandal ltd 9th may 1948 Multi state co-operative society Private Retailing Date of incorporation Constitution Sector Industry .INTRODUCTION ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ One of the oldest store. Humble binging to serve the people of rural Maharashtra in various ways. largely for ³middle-class´. 50 outlets in Maharashtra. Very strong customer base.

. even at the cost of its own commercial interest. Diverted its manpower and resources. for the public good. The distribution of these items is taken up by the Apna Bazaar at a loss to fulfill its social commitments.TAGLINE OF APNA BAZAR ³FOR US CUSTOMER IS FIRST´ Role of Apna Bazaar: Intervention during the shortages of essential commodities.

Departmental stores Medical stores Supermarkets Franchise stores Food stores 8 4 7 7 24 . it has recently opened its first shop outside the state in Goa.TOTAL NUMBERS OF OUTLETS Apna bazar has 50 outlets in Mumbai and the neighboring konkan region.

The area occupied by Apna Bazar Andheri departmental store is 6000 sq/feet. ´ Area:´    The minimum requirement of setting up Apna Bazar is 1000 sq/feet. The biggest store is at Vashi which is spread across 27000 sq.STORE LOCATION The location of the store is selected taking in consideration the residential population in the area. which divided in to ground n first floor. . feet.

Plastic department ´ 6.PRODUCT CATEGORY 1.Food grains ´ 3.FMCG products ´ 4.Foot wears ´ 8.Medical store ´ 5.Perishable merchandise ´ 2.Gift section ´ 9.Apparels ´ .Bakery ´ 7.

INVENTORY SOURCES APMC Market Direct From The Company 1. STOKERS APNA BAZAR .SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The supply chain management works on simple methods (purchase their merchandise either directly from the company. APMC market). C & F APNA BAZAR 2.

1-C & F 2-Stokers C & F is the manufacture companies product holder who appoints stokers according to different areas so they can easily supply the products to near retail stores. .INVENTORY SOURCES OF APNA BAZAR ANDHERI ´ ´ ´ ´ FMCG products comes directly from the manufacturer company itself through 2 major channels in between.

cornflour and so many other products directly from the farmers. ´ . coconut. fruits. food grain. pluses. jaggery. wheat. grams and lentils. rice.PERISHABLE AND FOOD GRAIN PRODUCTS ´ All the perishable and food grain products comes directly from the APMC (agriculture produce marketing committee) APMC is a agriculture organization who purchase all the vegetables.

Apna Bazar departmental store purchase food grain and other essential commodities in two different forms APMC marketloose and packed.´ ´ ´ In case of food grains products this departmental store use to buy in bulk from the APMC market and keep it in their own gowdown. . The gowdowns are in the store itself.

milk they ordered on daily basis. vegetables. ´ ´ .DURATION OF THE INVENTORY ´ In case of perishable product like fruits. FMCG products they ordered once a week on the basis of demand. sugar. rice they ordered accordingly on the basis of requirement. Food grains.

soap.In case of perishable products remain unsold on the day of purchase then they change on the next day itself as the shelf life is very short. company gives them 90 days time duration if in this time period the products remain unsold then companies take their product back. butter milk and other drinks. ´ On the other hand product like. ´ In case of other FMCG products ex. shampoo.-fruit juices. ´ . cosmetics carries 2 years time period. not more then 24 hours.

6 cr. ´ . ´ In which 24 lakhs turnover comes only from the medical department.FOOTFALLS AND TURNOVER Foot falls per day: 1500-1800 ´ On weekends: 2000-2200 ´ Average monthly turnover of the store is 1.

SWOT ANAYSIS STRENGTHS ´ ´ WEAKNESSES     ´ Quality commodity and Surety of no duplication Quantity is accurate and All prices below MRP including medical products Goodwill    Ambience not satisfactory No Window display Lack of parking space Some of the goods placed too high on racks so customers unable to reach them Capital Ageing society No online retailing .

OPPORTUNITIES      THREATS  Efforts to make shopping a pleasurable experience Brand building Expansion Development in suburbs Retailing boom   Super market and Hypermarket provides the experience of shopping which Apna Bazar does not provide. Customer Centric Approach: 2. Image: . Malls Competition from other stores in terms of1.

It should adopt new techniques and accept change wholeheartedly ´ Recruit more staff and train existing ones on providing better customer service ´ Provide valet parking or else have a spacious parking area for its customers ´ .CONCLUSION Getting more tech ± ´ having electronic displays of the currents offers ´ Changing according to times is inevitable. Apna Bazaar has to change its traditional viewpoints.


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