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Good morning teacher and classmates.

My name is Jaime Contreras, I'm a professor at the UTP in the Faculty of Mechanical
Engineering and I'm from Chiriqui.

Today I am going to talk about some of the places I have visited in Panama, such as the
Costway, Portobelo, Summit Park and Boquete among others.

I'm going to talk about El Costway or Amador Causeway.

The Amador Causeway which is a walk between the Naos Perico and Flamenco Island,
I like it because I can see the boats, the sea, the sea birds and walk or ride a bicycle in the
whole road.
In addition to being able to appreciate the Diversity Museum and the marine exhibition
center of Punta Culebra.
Visiting the Marine Exhibition Center of Punta Culebra, it is interesting to learn about the
biodiversity of the marine species in both oceans the Atlantico and Pacifico Oceans. Fish,
algae among others

The marine exhibition center also teaches me about the pollution of beaches and oceans,
the dangers that plastics pose to animals such as fish, turtles and others.
I also observe the crabs walking on the stones on the shore of the sea and the marine

As well as the dry tropical forest, where Corotu trees are observed, and animals such as
iguanas, pelican monkeys and others.

The marine exhibition center also has observatories to see the boats that enter or exit the
canal through the Pacific and other boats and islands, which is very interesting.
In The La Calzada de Amador I can also do activities such as walking or walking along
the Amador Causeway to the Flamenco Island where I pass to the port to see the boats,
the luxurious yachts and eat pastas by the sea in the Alfredo restaurant.

Observe the fish in the water and the environment is nice. Also ride a bike and enjoy
the biodiversity museum designed by architect GUERIN, see the museum is great.

Enjoy the walk and sit on the benches by the sea to observe the tranquility and
immensity of the sea, the swaying of the waves and the birds falling into the sea in
search of fish is a great moment.

Enjoy the ride very much and it's exciting for me.
I also like to go to Boquete, Chiriqui, it is exciting to go from a warm environment to a cold
environment, to visit the park and its mountains with its coffee plantations.

I always visit the flower fair which is exciting which although we are not on fair date is
always open to see the flowers and buy flowers, all this seems very interesting to me how
to go from a hot climate to one nice in a few minutes when traveling from David to
boquete, I always enjoy to boquete I invite you ...

I hope you liked my presentation.

Thank you..