. OD Interventions vary from standardized programs that have been developed and used in many organizations to relatively unique programs tailored to a specific organization or department.Meaning of Interventions ´ The set of sequenced planned actions or events intended to help an organization improve its performance and effectivenessµ Intervention design are derived from careful diagnosis and meant to resolve specific problems.

Emphasis more on collaboration. confrontation & participation .CONT... client & consultants participate during the course of an organization development program Attempt to improve the ´ fit µ between the individual & organization between the organization & its environment.

1.CRITERIA FOR EFFECTIVE INTERVENTION The interventions purposely disrupts the status quo.they are deliberate attempts to change an organization. Valid information Free & informed choice Internal commitment . The extent to which it fits the needs of the organization.

CONT. 2.The extent to which it enhances the organization·s capacity to manage change..The degree to which it is based on causal knowledge of intended outcome Valid knowledge 3. Competence in change management ..

When the above mentioned conditions are present then the Interventions can be designed ´When readiness for change is low then interventions need to focus on increasing the organization·s willingness to changeµ . Commitment of significant management time.READINESS FOR CHANGE Sensitivity to pressures being ready for planned change. Dissatisfaction with the status quo.CONTINGENCIES RELATED TO THE CHANGE SITUATION 1. Availability of resources to support changes.

..CAPABILITY TO CHANGE Managing planned changes requires  Knowledge & Skills  Ability to motivate change  To lead change  To develop political support  To manage the transition  To sustain momentum ´If organization members do not have these capabilities. then a Preliminary training interventions are requiredµ .CONT. 2.

3.µ ..CULTURAL CONTEXT The national culture can exert a powerful influence on members reaction to change. ´Interventions can be modified to fit different cultural contextsµ 4.CAPABILITIES OF THE CHANGE AGENT Full disclosure of the applicability of their knowledge &expertise's ´ Practitioners are expected to intervene within their capabilities or to recommend someone more suited to the client's needs. Account for the cultural values and assumptions..CONT.

CONTINGENCIES RELATED TO THE TARGET OF CHANGE ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES     Strategic issues Technology and structure issues Human resource issues Human process issues .

producs.services.markets ‡How to gain competive advantage ‡How to relate to environment ‡What values will guide organizational functioning TECHNOSTRUCTURAL INTERVENTIONS ‡Restructuring Organizations ‡Employee Involvement Work Design TECHNOLOGY/ STRUCTURE ISSUES ‡How to divide labour ‡How to coordinate Departments ‡How to produce Products or services ‡How to design work HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT INTRVENTIONS ‡Performance Management ‡Developing & Assisting Members HUMAN RESOURCES ISSUES ‡How to attract competent people ‡How to set goals & reward people ‡How to plan & develop people¶s careers HUMAN PROCESS ISSUES ‡How to communicate ‡How to solve problems ‡How to make decisions ‡How to interact ‡How to lead HUMAN PROCESS INTERVENTIONS Individual. Interpersonal and Group process Approaches Organization Process Approaches .TYPES OF OD INVERVENTIONS & ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES STRATEGIC INTERVENTIONS Competitive & collaborative strategies STRATEGIC ISSUES ‡What functions.

Organizational levels Organization function at different levels 1 Individual 2 Group 3 Organizational .

Types Of Interventions Human process Intervention Intervention Technostructural Human Resource Management Intervention Intervention Strategic .

bargaining and conciliation Team Building-help work group to become more effective in Buildingaccomplishing task     .Human process Intervention  CoachingCoaching-This help manager and executives to clarify there goals and improve performance Training and Development-It increases organization Developmentmembers¶ skill and knowledge Process consultation-it focuses on interpersonal relation and consultationsocial dynamics occurring in work group Third party intervention-helps people resolve conflicts interventionthrough such method as problem solving.

to articulate a new vision for organization .Human process interventions include the three change programs ‡ Organization confrontation meeting-Helps org. to develop ne way of working. set action targets and being working on problem Intergroup relation-Is designed to improve interaction relationamong different group or department ‡ -Helping two groups understand the causes of there conflict and choose appropriate solution ‡ LargeLarge-group intervention-Broad variety of stakeholder interventioninto large meeting to clarify important values. member meetingto identify problem.

more responsive task performance . organization redesign ReengineeringReengineering-Redesigns the organization¶s core work processes to create tighter linkage and coordination among the different task ‡ -Results in faster.‡ Structural design-this changes process concern the designorganization division of labor.how to specialize task laborperformance Technostructural Intervention ‡ DownsizingDownsizing-It reduce costs and bureaucracy by decreasing the size of the organization through personnel layoffs.

to improve employee systemsatisfaction and performance ‡ . strengths and weakness Important link between goal setting and reward system Reward system.setting clear and challenging goals Setting- ‡ Performance appraisal.assessing work related appraisalachievements.Human Resource Management Intervention ‡ Goal Setting.

Humane resources management intervention three change method method ‡ Career planning and developmentdevelopmentManaging workforce diversity Employee stress and wellness ‡ ‡ .

describe changes makes a changevalue added contribution to strategic management -that business strategies and organizational system must be changed together in response to external and internal disruptions. ‡ ‡ ‡ .Strategic Intervention ‡ ‡ Integrated strategic change. to perform task or solve problems that complex for single org. Mergers and acquisitions-it form new entity acquisitionsAlliancesAlliances-this is collaborative intervention helps two org pursue set of private and common goal NetworksNetworks-it help organization develop relationships with more org.

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