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India Gas Market at a glance:

Fast Facts:
Historically, India has relied on coal to power its electricity sector,
liquid fuels as feed stock and oil for its transport sector. But for
environmental reasons pushes India to focus on cleaner fuels.

Demand for Gas expands by 162%, overall growth in India’s energy

consumption +129% (change from 2015-2035)

Gas is one of the cleanest fuel with less carbon dioxide per joule
delivered than either by coal or oil and far fewer pollutants than
other hydrocarbon fuels.

Natural Gas infrastructure in India

Gas Pipelines:
Strong Imbalance within the
country with regard to access to
Natural Gas.
India’s Natural Gas Infrastructure • Few states like Gujarat, Maharashtra
consists of R-LNG terminals, Gas and UP together consume more than
Pipelines and City Gas Distribution 65% of the available gas.
(CGD) networks. • The regional imbalance is mainly on
account of lack of pipeline
infrastructure in many states, in order
to take the benefits associated with
natural gas to all states across the

City Gas Distrubution (CGD)

•The CGD sector comprises of
Compressed Natural Gas
(CNG) and Piped Natural Gas Solution: It is essential that a
(PNG) customers. With pipeline network is expanded to all
increased availability of gas in regions of the country or use LNG
the country, the CGD network Containers like our product to
has been enlarged to cover meet the demand.
various cities supplying gas for
domestic consumers, public
transport, and commercial/
industrial entities.

Natural gas production in India Projection.

Source: World Energy Outlook 2016