What is


‡ ³Greater than a voice grade line of 3khz Some say it should be at least 20 khz´
Newton¶s Telecom dictionary

‡ ³At least 256 kbps´
Jupiter communications

‡ ³A broadband chl is 6mhz wide´
IBM Dictionary of computing



How do we define broadband ? Fast connection to the Internet ³Always-on´ connection ³AlwaysFlat-rate billing FlatUnlimited data usage 9/29/2010 3 .

DIAL-UP vs BROADBAND DIAL-UP Max speed 56kbps Simultaneous voice and data not possible Local call at prescribed rates additionally charged while using data Digital Data converted into analog before transmission Secured connection 9/29/2010 4 .

DIAL-UP vs BROADBAND BROADBAND ACCESS Speed above 256kbps Simultaneous voice. data/video possible Separate charge for the data depending upon the volume D/A conversion not required Firewall required for ensuring protection 9/29/2010 5 .

Why BROADBAND? ‡ Additional equipment in the subscribers loop ‡ Modified devices at the access node ‡ SOFTWRE DEVELOPMENTS ‡ Customer access network has become cost sensitive ‡ Customer expects more effective new services ‡ Access to the service without much complications 9/29/2010 6 .

driven mostly by growth in data volumes as the Internet and related networks become more central to business operations. communicate. 9/29/2010 7 . It promises a new age in entertainment and communications. shop. ‡ The demand for high-speed bandwidth is growing at a fast pace. ‡ Essentially. ‡ The new economy is defining how people do business. have fun.EVERYWHERE. learn and live on a global basis ± CONNECTING EVERYONE TO EVERYTHING.ALWAYS.Evolution of Broad-Band ‡ With the evolution of computer networking and packet switching concept a new era of integrated communication has emerged in the telecom world. as well as a major boost for e-commerce. the broadband revolution is about a huge increase in the range of services that can be offered via the Internet and digital television.

Video(b/b) B/BAND SERVICES/ Data (n/b) voice PSTN CONTENT PROVIDERS DATA N/W.ISP¶s 9/29/2010 8 .

5 lakh route kms. of optical fibre laid by BSNL / MTNL and more than 1 lakh route kms laid by private operators.Broadband Policy-2004 ‡ Optical Fibre Technologies ± There are more than 4. approximately 7 million loops can be leveraged for broadband service ‡ Cable TV Network 9/29/2010 9 . ‡ Digital Subscriber Lines(DSL) on copper loop: ± There are more than 40 million copper loops in the country available with BSNL and MTNL out of which 14 million loops are in rural areas.

± Commercial VSAT service providers having ISP licence shall be permitted use of same hub station and remote station to provide Internet service directly to the subscribers.Broadband Policy-2004 ‡ Satellite Media ± Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) and Direct-toHome(DTH) services would be encouraged for penetration of Broadband and Internet services with the added advantage to serve remote and inaccessible areas. ± DTH Service providers will also be permitted to provide bi-directional Internet services after obtaining VSAT and ISP licence from DoT ‡ Terrestrial Wireless 10 9/29/2010 .

40% over cable 9/29/2010 11 .256 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s  Nearly 60% of broadband is delivered over telephone networks.About Broadband  128 million subscribers worldwide in over 240 countries (May 2004)  94% of subscribers are in high-income higheconomies  Speeds vary from 0.

fiber optic and wireless technologies are the broadband of the future´  Phone lines  Coaxial cables  Fiber optic cables  Power lines  Wireless 9/29/2010 Source: ITU World 12 Telecommunication Indicators Database .Broadband networks ³Most current broadband networks are based on copper lines.

4 per hundred and the targets Teleare to achieve 15 per hundred by 2010  PC penetration is 0.4%  Penetration of B/B is 0.  The present Tele-density is 4. Internet usage is 0.Broadband Market in India The Indian Telecommunication network  Over 50 million telephone connections  Is the sixth largest in the world  The second largest among the emerging economies of Asia.8%.02% 02% 9/29/2010 13 . Asia.

Broadband Technologies Broadband Technologies Wireless 3G Mobile Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) WiMAX LMDS & MMDS FSO (Free Space Optics) 9/29/2010 Wireline DSL (Digital Sub s Line) Cable Modem Optical Fibre Technologies PLC (Power Line Communication) Satellite 14 .

9/29/2010 15 .

Data One? ‡ An µalways-on¶ data connection ‡ Able to support interactive services including Internet access ‡ Simultaneous availability of Phone and Internet on the existing Telephone line ‡ Has the capability of the minimum download speed of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) 9/29/2010 16 .

9/29/2010 17 . Video-ondemand etc in future ‡ Can share Broadband connection to create own private LAN network i. ‡ Telephone will continue to work even in case of power failure at subscribers end. ‡ It will provide Multicast Video Services. ‡ µUse now and pay later¶ in telephone bill.Why Broadband from BSNL? ‡ Easy registration over phone and web. It provides a means to bill based on Volume of data downloaded. more than one PC can be connected.e.

BROADBAND 9/29/2010 18 .


‡ Inexpensive: Affordable Tariff Plans ‡ Security: Secure Communication 9/29/2010 20 . ‡ Sharing: Can share connection to create your own network.Why Broadband from BSNL? ‡ Faster Connection: Dedicated Bandwidth ‡ Easy Communication: Talk and Surf at the same time.

Technology««. 9/29/2010 21 .? The Broadband service is available on DSL technology (on the same copper cable that is used for connecting telephone). on a countrywide basis spanning 198 cities.

converts a conventional telephone line into a BROADBAND INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY at AFFORDABLE RATES. raises the question of how best to deliver these services to the end user . especially for Internet access. 9/29/2010 22 .Digital Subscriber Line The increasing need for high speed data transfer. using the large installed base of copper.

ADSL is called Asymmetric because the downstream and upstream data rates are not the same.ADSL ASYMMETRIC DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE ADSL is used for providing high speed internet access over existing telephone line. 9/29/2010 23 . It is the Broad-Band technology that makes efficient use of the Bandwidth of the twisted pair telephone cable by employing high end modulation and demodulation techniques.

< 3m 9/29/2010 24 .

ADSL Deployment Today Home/Office ADSL CPE Splitter SHDSL (PAM16) up to 5Km Cur Central Office ADSL up to 5Km Data switch DSLAM SHDSL Voice Switch 9/29/2010 25 .

5km TIER2/1 switch POT DSLAM splitter B/B service PSTN 9/29/2010 26 .CPE PC ADSL modem SPLITTER Cable pair 4.

Services««.? ‡ always-on broadband access to the Internet ‡ content based services ‡ video multicasting ‡ video-on-demand ‡ interactive gaming ‡ audio and video conferencing ‡ ip telephony ‡ distant learning 9/29/2010 27 .

splitter RASPPPOE software 9/29/2010 28 .Windows 98 & above and Operating System drivers ADSL modem.What is required«. The requisite port is to be got installed by customer at his own cost from PC vendor/ supplier Operating System:.? PC hardware recommended RAM (128 MB & above) HDD (Min Free Disk Space 500 MB) USB port for ADSL Modem/Router or LAN card for ADSL Router and CD ROM drive.

Versatility. Reliability. ‡ Data handling capacity/ability ‡ Single vendor solution for both equipment and b/w ‡ ability to handle VOICE. Quality. ‡ Speed. Availability. Accessibility. ‡ control.DATA &VIDEO 29 9/29/2010 . Performance. Flexibility.Choosing the Right Technology ±How? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Cost-effective.