Town Hall Meeting Oct. 3, 2001 Jerry Kriss

‡ SHARE = Study of Hubble Archive & Reprocessing Enhancements
‡ Chartered by Rodger Doxsey

‡ Study participants include Jerry Kriss (chair) Howard Bushouse Mark Dickinson Megan Donahue Dorothy Fraquelli Mauro Giavalisco Tony Keyes Anton Koekemoer Gerhard Meurer Paolo Padovani Bill Sparks Daryl Swade

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Page 2 ‡ ‡ ‡ . Evaluate and recommend specific new scientific services and enhancements to these systems. 3. services and enhancements to these systems. The SHARE study is chartered to ‡ ‡ Evaluate and recommend general capabilities. These should be augmentations with clear and substantial added benefit for the research community. Recommend a process for encouraging astronomical community participation in the development of such enhancements.SHARE The SHARE Charter Town Hall Meeting Oct. Recommend a process for regularly assessing and prioritizing enhancements of this type in the future. Provide a rough road map or order for the implementation of the recommendations made in item 1 and 2. 2001 Jerry Kriss The Deployment of On-The-Fly Reprocessing (OTFR) enables potential new services utilizing the HST archive.

9. Identifying and classifying objects in a single image or a combined set of images. Improvements to the accuracy of the World Coordinate System in the headers of calibrated data products. Providing better quality information for data sets in the archive. 8. 10. 5. 3. 6. Combining spectra from several different observations or from dithered STIS observations. Using the time history of data and calibrations to enhance the reprocessing. Allow users to specify customized parameters to be used when running OTFR to tailor the pipeline calibration to their scientific needs. Page 3 .SHARE Town Hall Meeting Oct. Producing a catalog of objects in a single image or a combined set of images. 7. 3. 2001 Jerry Kriss Ideas for Reprocessing Enhancements 1. Determining photometric redshifts for objects in a region of sky which is imaged in a number of different bands. Creating "data cubes" from dithered long-slit spectroscopic observations. 4. 2. Combining images to produce a wide-field mosaic or deep stacked image.

reassess our priorities and recommend a development road map Page 4 .SHARE Town Hall Meeting Oct. 3. 2001 Jerry Kriss Recommendations for Implementation ‡ Assess the resources required for each idea ‡ Evaluate the likely timescales for implementation ‡ Given the required resources and timescales.

SHARE Town Hall Meeting Oct. 2001 Jerry Kriss Encouraging Community Participation ‡ Advertise and discuss ideas for reprocessing enhancements at ADASS meetings ‡ Encourage contributed software/data products through a special category of archival proposals Page 5 . 3.

SHARE Town Hall Meeting Oct. 2001 Jerry Kriss Assessing and Prioritizing Future Enhancements ‡ Report updates on progress in Archive Newsletters ‡ Make regular presentations to the STUC as enhancements proceed ‡ Advertise current work at ADASS conferences and AAS meetings ‡ Hold discussions at yearly ADASS meetings Page 6 . 3.

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