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Introduction to

Energy Medicine
Vibrations to heal the body
Dr. Jacob Barber (AM)
Welcome to the Lecture
Energy vibration medicine to heal the body

Lecture by Dr. Jacob Barber specialist in alternative medicine

Founded the energy medicine college Healing For Life.

Share the knowledge of Vibrations and energy medicine

What are we going to learn today?
In this introduction to Energy Medicine we cover:

What is Energy Frequency Medicine?

The Physical Energetic Informatics body

The Frequency Spectrum the we live in

The Different types of therapies in Energy Medicine

Practical presentation and questions

What is Energy Medicine ?
Energy Medicine contain many aspects of frequencies
These us the parts of energy medicine;
-Information Medicine: radionics, healing, meditation, prayer
4th Dimension

-Vibration Medicine: sound, light, acupuncture points

-Bioenergy Medicine: Homeopathy, Flower Extracts like Bach


-Electromagnetic Medicine: Device that produces healing

frequency waves
What are the causes of disease?
Lets look at what are they in the physical body

Blockages of the filter systems

Disharmony of the Autonomic Nervous System

Imbalance of the hormonal system

Nitrosative and oxidative radicals

Degeneration, Infalimations
What are the cells?
Lets look at Cells and how they interact in the body

Cells are the smallest unit of living matter that can exist and
procreate on itself
A system which regulates itself within a greater system
The human body is made up of about 2000 trillion cells

Every single cell of our body contains the blueprint of every

function of the body
Every cell is an equivalent to our nervous-, digestive-,
respiratory-, endocrine-, muscle-, skeletal-, circulatory- and
reproductive system, as well as a simple immune system
What is the conclusion
in respect of the human body?

Whatever happens,
it is being perceived
What is the network in the body?
How does a network manifest itself

Every cause (action) creates an effect (reaction)

on one or more spots.
An action is being coordinated with the entire
system by the organism

The more reaction unresolved create disease

What is the network in the body?
How does a network manifest itself

Every cause (action) creates an effect (reaction) on one or

more spots.

An action is being coordinated with the entire system by

the organism

In order to have an effective organism,

it is necessary to have communication between cells

The more reaction unresolved then disease is created

What is the network in the body?
The network of cells in the body
The human body as a vibration field?
Harmony state vs. disharmony state of being

Our bodies consist of 200 trillion cells

Each has a unique vibration. 1% only = material
The rest is water vibration energy and information

The human body can be compared to a computer:

The cells and tissues are the physical device and the
energy magnetic fields are the software
The server is the information field
What is Frequency?
Its the wavelength and the picks per second = Hz?
The Frequency Spectrum ?

The living person is affected and responds to three types

of fields:
A magnetic field that comes from the core of the Earth and
An electric field that comes from clouds and lightning
An electro-magnetic field that comes from the atmosphere
Living without the supporting fields are adversely affected
The physical body vibrates and transmits 1-120 Hz per
The energetic bodies and fields 1-10 GHz
The Electromagnetic fields?
Types of healing in energy medicine?
Lets look at different examples of therapy

-Healing in touch and without contact (from a distance)

-Guided imagery, meditation, prayer
-Treatments of colors, lights and sound
-Acupuncture Bach flowers
-Frequency devices
-Examples… Healing Awake Video…mix Information
sound and light
Types of healing in energy medicine?
From Substance to Frequency and back as EM field

Frequency medicine and energetic medicine is the future

of integrated medicine

Diagnoses and treats the cause and pathogen of the


Sees the physical and energetic human body holistically

Without the use of biological agents and medicines
More than 80% success in curing, according to studies