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Prof. Ashok Advani Manvendra Singh
Madhu Suden Vohra
Riya Garg
Priyanka Srivastava
Saumya Yadav
Anukriti Goel

• Frontier Bank- The oldest, biggest and a

profitable bank
• Present CEO retiring and his proposal.
• By 1980s position of bank slipped
• Proposed name for new CEO ‘Ross

• Lead bank in Chicago to great

success in term of its design,
development and international
• Chairman and CEO of a group of
insurance companies.
• Accepted to become the CEO of the
Frontier National Bank.
The Problem
The problem in the case is that the frontier
executives were old and unenthusiastic and the
younger people working under them did not
seem to be any different. Ross Abernathy did not
feel that at frontier he had the team to do what
he needed to be done. He needed an active team
to achieve its target but was facing problems in
making decision regarding team selection.
Ross Abernathy has three choices of making his team to
Work at the frontiers bank. They are

 Make a team from the frontier bank itself.

 Members of his Chicago team.
 A team of members from outside who are independent
professionals picked for proven performance capacity and not
because of friendship.

He needs to make decision between all three alternatives that

which is best and will be beneficial for frontiers bank.
Pros And Cons
Of Alternatives
1. Make a team from the frontier bank itself
Pros: Team well-versed with the environment of the bank.
Cons: It would be tedious to make them work out of their domain.
2. Members of his Chicago team
Pros: Members of the team already know each other, thus less case of conflicts
among them.
Cons: Difficult for the members to adapt the new ambience and work –culture.
3. A team of members from outside
Pros: Diversified knowledge of the domain.
Cons: May have very different point of views , may not be very significant for the
The new CEO should recruit a four best possible
members from :
1) Frontier
2) Chicago team each who are expert
3)Outside Frontier who are independent

After developing the team , the CEO should

put one from each team in individual four
departments of
1) Finance
2) Marketing
3) Human resource
4) Operations
Execution Plan
• The team should be selected according to an
individual’s capabilities and talents.
• Moreover Ross may follow a friendly as well as
strict environment for his team to work efficiently.
• Keeps timely report of progress and results.
• Keep looking for new ideas and project
• Feedback on employee welfare and satisfaction.

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