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by Br. Phillip. P. Woodard All scriptural reference from the unadulterated Word of the Most High

History The Government Will Never Tell You Your Not Black Nor African

Leo Africanus

Pledge of Allegiance and Flag Fold Light - To Whom Are You A Servant of, The Most High or The Federal Government?

A Number of Meanings

A "Black" Man, A Moor, John Hanson Was the first Black president

Jesus was a slave ship

John Hawkins

Jesus of Lubeck

Composition of A Woman

Are You Unequally Yoked With An Unbeliever?

Natural Beauty or Manufactured Beauty - Which Do You Have?

Child Support (Part 1) (The Biblical Breakdown)

Child Support (Part 2) (The Biblical Breakdown)

It Is Greater To Prophesy Than To Speak In Tongues

Apostle Paul - The Most Hated Servant of the Most High


Is Christ The End of The Law? Christianity Teaches So, So All Christians, I Invite You To Step In The Ring With Me.

Do You Have the "Holy Ghost", or the Ruwach ha Qodesh? - Shocking Truth

Religion Is of Satan - That God In Your Heart Aint Nothing But Gas, Your Calling Must Be Dialed With A 1 Or A 0!

Precepts On The Catholic Church And Her Doings

Precepts On The Catholic Church And Her Doings (Part 2)

Is Christ God Breakdown (Part 1)

Is Christ God Breakdown (Part 2)

The Rapture Is False Doctrine Part 1

1. Philipp Doddridge 2. John Gill 3. John Nelson Darby

How Did They Come To Concrete This Belief

Propaganda Through Books

Propaganda Through Music

Propaganda Through Television

Propaganda Through Movies

Church Untold Truth

Origin of The Word Church

Sun Goddess Circe

The Game Of Churches

Sabbath Day Truth (Part 1)

Sabbath Day Truth Part 2

Sabbath Day - According To Who's Calendar Is The Question


God So Loved Israel Not The Whole World

Spirit of the Most High or Spirit of Bacchus?

Featured above is the Roman God of wine named Bacchus.

The Thief Didn't Go To Heaven - Catholic Lie


Clean Foods

Free Will Offering - Something The Pimps In The Pulpit Will Never Teach!

Isaiah 13 - Let Me Take These Babies In Knowledge To School So They Can Stop Being Someone's Fool!

The Ultimate Victory - What Team Are You Playing For?

You've Heard of From Babylon To Timbuktu Now I Bring You From Babylon To Egypt

Faithless Fleeing Where Does It Lead You?

Faithless Fleeing Where Does It Lead You?

Faithless Fleeing Where Does It Lead You?

Faithless Fleeing Where Does It Lead You?

Curious George & And The Cloud That Surrounds Him - Can't Get This Truth In Church!

AFRICOM & The United States Government Agenda - I'm Snitching So What Its On Them!

Macquirelatory Yisrael: Mental Enslavement Deprogramming Illusional Aspects - MEDIA

Nourishment For The Soul - If Your Not Hungry Then Don't Sit At The Table!

Dreams & Nightmares - Ever Wonder What Happens When You Sleep?

Do You Think Its Possible To Be Perfect Or Is Being So A State Of Mind One Thinks?

Macquirelatory Yisrael: Holiness Is Not A Religion As Pastor Tony Smith And Gino And Other Clowns Teach

400 Years of Captivity - So Many Doctrines, But None Are Word For Word Bible Proven!

Is Israel Done Away With? Christianity Teaches So, But What Does The Bible Say?

You Got To Stand Without Legs In Order To Have The Mind To Fulfill The Will

Pour Out My Spirit Understanding

Crucified On A Stake - Further Right Is Crucifixion On A Cross - Shape of T After Tammuz

Thanksgiving - National Day Of Mourning, Thanks Is What Devils Give On The Day!

Halloween Biblical Breakdown - A Little More Meat To Digest Than The Basics!

3 Wise Men Tale Is A Catholic Lie

Santa Claus Is Satan

Origin of Easter

Easter Untold Truth

Euphrates River


Easter Sunrise service

Birthday Untold Truth

Satanic Bible Concerning Birthdays

Cd Scam Exposed

CD Scam Exposed Breakdown

CD Scam Exposed Breakdown

Tyler Perry aka Ferry Fans Listen Up Repent!

Book Scam Exposed Breakdown

Lost Identity and The Return Of Christ

Breaking Process Pictures

YHWH -1_ Lets Get It Cracking Once Again - If You Have High Blood Pressure, You Better Not Read This!

YHWH cont 2

YHWH cont 3

YHWH cont 4

Lunar God IAH

YHWH cont 5

YHWH cont 6

YHWH cont 7

YHWH cont 8

YHWH cont 9

YHWH cont 10

YHWH cont 11

Mathematical Equation of 4:8 :: 6:12 - Lets Have Study Hall!

Modern Medicine Treatments - Enlighten Yourself & Save Your Family

Who's Your Physician & Where Is His Clinic? - Do You Have To Pay Insurance?

Who's Your Physician & Where Is His Clinic? - Do You Have To Pay Insurance?

Transformation Into Serving Man - Satan Spirit Very Powerful Upon The Pyramidal Minds

Priesthood Understanding

Immaculate Conception Evaluation Revised!

Ezekiel 28:13 - Is It Saying Satan Was Head Angel Over Music In Heaven? Lets Go To School!

Ezekiel 28:13(Part 2) - The Extensive Breakdown - Satan Was Not Head Angel Over Music!

The Racism That Exist Within The Jehovah's Witnesses Religion

Touch Not Mine Anointed - Truth TD Snakes, Eddie Money Long, Creflo Got Your Dollar and Joel Oscheme Not Telling!

First Lady Garbage Does Not Go In The Church

False Prophets - Pimpin For The Masters 07/04/09/td_jakes_pimps_4_tbn/

Are You A Victim of Infancy by Way of Virtual Reality?

Are You A Candidate For The Elite Within The New World Order, Or Are You A Threat?

Putting Together the Pieces to Format The Picture of the Puzzle

Star of David Deception

Metrosexual - Does Your Baby Daddy Claim To Be? Do You Know A Man Who Claims To Be?

Battle On The Home Front - Which Side Is Your Woman On, The Most High's or Satan's?

Who s Your Bailout Master?

Election Diversion Status

Voting Truth Most Don't Know!

Are You Watching The Television Or Is The Vision Watching You?

Do You Know You Are The Antz? O You Thought It Was A Child Movie?

Flee Babylon Precepts What Do They Really Mean & Say? - This One A Shocker!

Who Hath Believed Our Report







Geb Hapy Hathor Horus Khepri

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses 1


Ma at


Nun Seshat

Nut Ra Ptah Osiris Seth

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses 2

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses 3




Gregorian Calendar

Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel & The Sons of Ham

Arab Merchants Gerald Massey

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Temple Drawing Of Pharaoh Seti I 1306 B.C.E - 1290 B.C.E

George Rawlison

The Truth

Vs. the LIE!

And they said an Egyptian delivered us

Miriam did not looked like these Young Women.

From Scripture, History & Archaeology, we should understand that the images below are a more accurate description of the Hebrew Israelite Miriam.

Here are a couple pictures of two people with a disease called Vitiligo, which is somewhat similar to the above mentioned form of scriptural leprosy. The top picture is that of a white-skin person with vitiligo. A white skinned person with this disease may start to notice the spots in their skin after they have gotten a tan, otherwise the white spots from vitiligo can go unnoticed. This picture is a black skinned person with vitiligo. The white spots can be seen on black skin as soon as they appear. Notice how "white" the hands of the blackskinned person are compared to their original skin tone, which can still be seen. The hands of this black skinned person are now white as snow. This is how Moses "probably" would have seen his hands after removing it from his bosom. Singer, Michael Jackson says this is the same disease that turned his skin from dark brown to white.

Is It A Blessing To Be Called A Leper? - Come lets dine at the table of Spiritual Intellect!

Examine the picture:

"Black" MAN turns "WHITE".

This picture is a black skinned man who took a pill for his liver condition, and the pill turned his skin from black to white. Although most of his skin has turned white you can still see the dark patches on his face. Notice how Dramatic that is, this is how the people who had biblical leprosy would have looked.

If Yashayah and the rest of the Hebrews looked like these pictures of the Christian Christ , it would have been hard for him to hide in Egypt (among the black Egyptians) and not ne noticed.

Beta Yisrael - The house of Israel The tribe of Dan


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

A Roman historian named Tacitus who lived about C.E. 90 said, "Many assert that the Hebrews are an RACE OF ETHIOPIAN ORIGINS." Once again, we have the Hebrews compared to one of HAM S black-skinned descendants.

Historian and scholar, J.A. Rogers commented, "For the Romans to have considered them Ethiopians is a clear indication of their color, because the Ethiopians are a known black people". Tacitus also said that the Hebrews were Egyptians , who left Egypt during a disease outbreak. the Roman Emperor, Justinian the Great, who ruled basically from 527 - 564 C.E., 500 years after the time of Yashayah, had engraved on a coin, the image of Yashayah with woolly / kinky hair and "BLACK" features. On the obverse side of the coin there is an image of Justinian but with straight hair.


NOTICE THERE SKIN IS NOT BLACK LIKE AN OVEN, BUT PALE WHITE! Right and left Pictures of so called white Jews but yet no locks as scripture described!

Below - Pictures of Locks as scripture describes the Hebrews as having!


Vs The LIE

Songs of Songs / Songs of Solomon
5:2 I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my LOCKS with the drops of the night. 11 His head is as the most fine gold, his LOCKS are bushy, and black as a raven.

Professor Rudolph Windsor is in total agreement with this, which he states in his very noteworthy book, FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTU. He writes, "The Chaldeans and the other People of that region were Jet black in their complexion."

Dr. Charles S. Finch III, M.D. says in his book Echoes of the Old Darkland, on pgs 5, & 32, "We know from the fate of albinos all over Africa that unprotected skin (light skin) is subject to grotesque, disfiguring cancers that are soon fatal." "Melanin, the substance that gives the skin a dark brown or black pigment, by absorbing ultra violet radiation and scattering the ions produced, protects the skin from cancer". So, for Abraham to have come from that part of the world, he had to have very dark / black-skin.


Truth Behind The Sons of God In Great Depth
Axes of Giants

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