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Job Satisfacion

and Dissatisfaction
1. Motivation.

Motivation. Understanding your motivation behind the job you either

already have or the job you want may help increase job satisfaction as
well. Asking yourself the following questions:

 What motivated me to accept this job in the first place?

 What inspires me to do the work I do?
 What inspires me to want to be a [insert job aspiration]?
2. Respect, praise, and
 Respect, praise, and appreciation. Regardless of the job, you want
to feel respected in the workplace as well as appreciated for the
work you do. Employees are more satisfied in their positions when
they feel respected and are praised for a job well done, even if it’s
a simple thank you from a company manager.
Job Dissatisfaction
 Underpaid
One of the primary reasons for job dissatisfaction results from companies
underpaying workers.
 Limited Career Growth and Advancement
A lack of career growth and advancement is another reason why workers are
dissatisfied at their jobs.
 Lack of Interest
A lack of interest in the work is another reason why employees are unhappy.
Most employees want to perform job duties that are engaging and
challenging. Monotonous work causes an employee to experience boredom.
 Poor Management
The management team plays an important role within an organization.
Managers are responsible for motivating employees, planning, organizing and
controlling within the organization. A key reason employees perform poorly in
the workplace is poor management.