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May 16-18, 2018

Maharajah Hotel, Angeles City,

I. Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop
A. Navigating through Adobe Photoshop
B. Using Layers
C. Using Photoshop Toolbox
D. Using Free Transform
Adobe Photoshop is a tool
developed for creating,
editing, and enhancing an
image .
A.) Application Bar:
Contains the workspace
switcher, menus (for Windows
only), application controls,
view controls, and a button for
you to access CS Live.
B.) Menu Bar:
Contains the main
functions of Photoshop
such as File, Edit, and
C.) Options Bar:
Displays the options
for the currently
selected tool/object.
D.) Color Palette:
Helps you modify
your work with
regards to colors.
E.) Adjustment
Helps you modify your
work with regards to
applying different
adjustments such as
the Vibrance.
F.) Layers Palette:
Helps you modify
your work with
regards to the
different layers of
an image.
G.) Canvas
Contains the
current file
you are
working on.
H.) Status:
Shows the zoom value
and file size of the
current file.
I.) Tools Panel:
Contains the different
tools used for creating
and editing images.
A Layer can be considered as a chunk of
your Photoshop file. They are individual
units that can be duplicated, renamed and
II. Adjusting Color
A. Equalizing Brightness/Contrast and
Changing Exposure
B. Altering Vibrance and Changing
C. Modifying Color Balance
D. Converting to Black and White
E. Adjusting Threshold Level
F. Using Gradient Map
III. Retouching Images
A. Removing Unwanted Parts of an
B. Duplicating Parts of an image
IV. Creating Designs
A. Drawing and Editing Shapes in
B. Embellishing Pages using Brush Tool
i. Using and Selecting Brush Tools
ii. Creating and Importing Custom Brush
V. Performing Selections
A. Using Selections
VI. Adding Effects to Images using
A. Using Single Filter for Layers
B. Using Combination Filters for Layers
VII. Adding Effects to Layers
A. Exploring Blend Modes
B. Applying Layer Styles
IX. Masking Layers
• Erasing and Hiding an
Image using Masks
X. Drawing Illustrations
A. Inking an Illustrations
B. Adding Colors
C. Adding Shadows, Highlights, and
XI. Working for the
Final Output
“You don't put your head above the
parapet and become a personality
if you're an illustrator - it's not part
of it; it's not possible. You are a
servant to the story.”
- Robert Ingpen