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The Subject and the Predicate

discussed or describe • Contains the verb • Either be Noun or Pronoun • Answers the questions WHO and WHAT . SENTENCE Subject ┼ Predicate • being talked about.

PRONOUN subjects They rescued the little boy.The Subject NOUN My uncle bout a new car. . subjects Marie attends her classes regularly. She left early this morning.

We cooked Dad’s favorite dish. .The Predicate Richie sang an old song. Anna wrote a book.

4.Circle the subject and underline the predicate (verb). 6. The audience rose to its feet in sheer delight and amazement. 2. Classes were suspended in all levels. Mother’s rose bushes grew abundantly over the years. 5. The Coast Guard readily rescued the passengers of the ship. An old ship sank in the waters of Manila Bay. 3. 7. Two storms hit the country the other week. 9. The witness described in full details the collision.I bought Maurice a kite from Thailand. Classes resumed two days after the storm. 10. The Metropolitan Museum sits on a parcel of land right beside the Central Bank. 1. 8. .

The same is true with the complete predicate. modifiers or qualifiers. it is a simple subject.Subjects and Predicates: Simple and Complete A subject without. and a predicate sans a modifiers or qualifiers is a simple predicate. it is a complete subject. . modifiers or qualifiers. If a subject contains words related to it.

The red car in the garage was repaired last week. . My youngest cousin lives with my grandparents.

Thus. Both compound subject and compound predicate are joined by coordinating conjunction AND or OR. .Compound Subjects and Predicates ◦The term compound implies the presence of more than one item. COMPOUND SUBJECT has more than one subject. while COMPOUND PREDICATE has two or more verbs.

My youngest brother and my youngest cousin were born on the same month and day. He came and conquered everyone. Jack and Jill are my childhood friends. . The man smiled and nodded his head.

John. (you)answer the phone please. (you) take care of this. Come and join us. . SPECIAL Subjects IMPERATIVE SENTENCE (implied subject) Leave now. Redgie.

SUBJECTS IN QUESTIONS Are you alone? Did she drive your car? .

Here are the manuscripts. .HERE AND THERE SENTENCES There is a guest waiting for you at the parlor.

. Appearing nervously on the stage is the wife of young congressman.INVERTED WORD ORDER Not far from our house was a very clear brook.