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 About Us  Our Online Presence

 Our Objective  Social Media Marketing
 How we Curate Through Facebook
 Viewership and Database Through Instagram
 Why us? Through Twitter
 Our Experience  Web Portals
 Art Fair Media Coverage  Public Relations
 Our Event = Your Benefit
About Us
• Art Culture Festival is initiative of Good Cause, an NGO, registered
with Delhi Government for the last 6 years, with the objective to
promote and encourage artists to showcase their talent.

• ACF also organizes workshops where creative minds engage in

meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas and absorb different
Our Objective

To Promote Indian Art and Culture

To Prevent Traditional Art Forms from Dying

To Increase Viewership and Exposure for artist

How we Curate
 CONCEPTUALISE – Correct method to capture your Target Audience:
• Thorough Research
• Focus on themes, aesthetic and display

 PLAN – Research on Venues and the spaces assigned for each

1. Research- Find the best location, with thorough research.
2. Proposals- If you have an ideal venue in mind, we consider it. We send
proposals to the venues, based on which we decide the final space.
3. Scheduling- Based on this space we assign each series a specific spot.
4. Cataloguing- We select the best pieces for the exhibition.

a) We focus not only on aesthetic, but the current concerns of people-

is your work political? Is it psychological? Does it provoke the
desired response?

b) If your work is a series of paintings, sculptures, or a mix of both, we

assign you the wall space, the distance between each, and set up
accordingly. We measure the sculptures, deciding the best way of
presentation, such as on the floor, plinths, or walls.
a) We give a statistical analysis for the best pricing of your work. We help you
decide the title. The final decision is up to you. We can get your paintings
framed upon request, keeping in consideration the type of frame (metal, wood,
type of wood) and with or without a glass cover.

b) We look for vendors, carpenters, painters and electricians to ensure the space
is presentable. Carpenters will also make plinths and the like for sculptures
upon request.
Viewership and Database
• Members of Gymkhana Club • Art Event Audience
• Defence Colony Club • Government Institutions
• Golf Club • H.N.I
• Chelsmford Club • Artists
• N.R.I • Art Critics
• Art Collectors • Journalists
• Auction Houses
Why Us?
 We have organized many Events and Exhibitions for artists, such as
The All India Trade Fair
 You will receive Excellent Exposure by
• High Traffic on our Social Media Platforms and Websites
• Public Relations, ensuring press coverage

Details of Social Media and PR over next six slides

Our Experience
Previous individual and group shows we were associated with:
• All India Trade Fair: Links to events we had, covered by the Media:
Our Online Presence
• Our digital platform have high and exclusive elite viewership
audience traffic.
• On our social media platforms, we feature Indian Contemporary
artists and events.
• Your Exhibition will be promoted on our associated websites-
 , and
PAID Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.
Social Media Marketing
And through our Social Media handles -
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
Through our web portals -
• Post high quality images and videos of your exhibition
• Share articles, reviews, press releases, blogs and write-ups related to your
• Send online posters, links, and other advertisements, to our Audience
through Messenger and Timelines
• Post on various influential pages about the event and the venue.
• Artists and individuals influenced by the Art Market will be tagged in our
posts about your Exhibition.
• Pictures and videos of the exhibition will regularly be uploaded on
our page
• Pre and Post Coverage of the Exhibition
• Live Coverage & Instagram Stories during the Event
• Start Promoting 2 months before the event and also after the event.
• In the description section of our posts, we will write your name and
your artworks followed by # with a written description of your work
• When viewers search for your profile, this exhibition will pop up.
• We shall use more hashtags with the word exhibition: when viewers
search for exhibitions, your name will pop up
• We Shall post when there is high traffic on Social Media, to ensure
our tweets receive maximum viewership.
• In our tweets, we will attach links to our other social media sites.
• We will also comment on other tweets to capture the audience
• All posts will mention the exhibition followed by #
Public Relations
• We will be hiring a reputed PR agency to promote the event to invite
media, newspapers, television channels radio journalists, etc.

• Facilitate media coverage of the whole Event and the Venue

In short, if you work with us:

• We will curate the exhibition for you

• You will gain excellent exposure

• Better Networking Opportunities