Time Planning : Using Time Management Matrix

Stephen Covey¶s µthird¶ habit
Urgent I Activities II Not Urgent Activities

Crises Pressing Problems Deadline driven projects

Prevention Production Capability activities Relationship Building Recognizing new opportunities Planning, Recreation


Activities Interruptions, some calls Some mails, some reports Some meetings Proximate Pressing matters Popular activities



Trivia, Busy work Some mail Some Phone calls Time wasters Pleasant Activities

Quadrant I II IV

Quadrant I


Quadrant I Tool
Quadrant I is both urgent and important. The activities in Quadrant I are called ³crisis´ or ³problems´. It deals with significant results that require immediate attention. They are crisis managers, problem-minded people, deadlinedriven producers. As long as you focus on Quadrant I, it keeps getting bigger and bigger until it dominates you. Result: Stress, Burnout, Crisis Management, Always putting out fire

Quadrant II I

Quadrant II Important
But Not Urgent

Quadrant II
Quadrant II (Important and Not Urgent). It is the heart of effective time management It deals with things that are not urgent, but are important. It deals with things like building relationships, writing a personal mission statement, long-range planning, exercising, preventive maintenance, preparation ± all those things we know we need to do, but somehow seldom get around to doing, because they aren¶t urgent. Results:Vision,perspective,Balance,Discipline, Control, Few crises

The Quadrant II Tool
A Quadrant II organizer will meet six criteria: Coherence. Harmony, unity, and integrity between vision and mission, priorities and plans, and desires and discipline. Balance. Success in the various roles of our life. Organize your life on a weekly basis. Flexibility. The planning tool should be tailored to you. Portability. You should be able to carry your tool with you. A "People" Dimension. Focus on people not just the schedule

The Quadrant III I II IV

Quadrant III Urgent and Not Important

The Quadrant III Tool
Quadrant III (Urgent and Not Important) ± There are many people who spend their time in this Quadrant, thinking that they are in Quadrant I. They spend most of their time reacting to things that are urgent, assuming they are also important. People who spend time almost exclusively in Quadrant III can be entrusted with responsible jobs Result: Short term focus, Crisis Management, Reputation ± chameleon character, See goals and plans as worthless, Feel victimized out of control, Shallow or broken relationship

Quadrant IV I III II

Quadrant IV Neither URGENT nor IMPORTANT

Quadrant IV Tool
Quadrant IV (Not Urgent and Not Important) The people in this quadrant waste their time in trivial things their work suffers because of this and are always low achievers in life. The people who come in this quadrant basically lead irresponsible lives. They spend most of their time reacting to feedbacks assuming they are targeted due to favourism by the higher ups. Results:Total irresponsibility Fired from job, Dependent on others

SELFSELF-AWARENESS: Emotional self-awareness selfAccurate self-assessment selfSelfSelf-confidence

SELFSELF-MANAGEMENT: SelfSelf-control Transparency Adaptability Achievement Initiative Optimism

SOCIAL AWARENESS Empathy Organisational awareness Service orientation

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Inspiration Influence Developing others Change catalyst Conflict management Teamwork and collaboration

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