1. Read fluently with correct pronunciation.

2. Develop the language skills.
3. Think and answer.
 Jump  Rushes
 Ship  Shed
 Fish  Shawl
 Shut  Stop
 Polish  Shout
Name the pictures using “sh” sound
Fill the correct option in the given
1. Shelly washes _______ shells.(three/four)
2. The shop is in the______.(market/ship)
3. Shiva wears a _______ shirt.(blue/green)
4. Shelly ______ to the shed.(rushes/touches)
5. Shiva touches the _______.(fish/dish)
Answer the following questions:
a) Where is Shelly ?
b) Where is the big ship?
c) Where is the fish shop?
d) Who touches the fish?
e) Where does Shelly rush to?