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• Then Post it on the board. and we will check your work . • Every group have its own envelope and you will identify which column does the word are going to distinguish either of the two approaches given. • With your own perspective .MECHANICS : • There will be 3 groups with 5 members.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research .

Statistical data is usually in the form of tabulations (tabs). make generalizations about the population of interest. Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Objective / purpose  To gain an understanding of  To quantify data and generalize underlying reasons and results from a sample to the Qualitative vs Quantitative Research motivations population of interest  To provide insights into the  To measure the incidence of setting of a problem. . Outcome Exploratory and/or investigative. Respondents representing the population of interest. on-street or telephone interviews or group discussions. Usually a large number of cases representative cases. Randomly selected respondents. individual depth questionnaires. Findings Used to recommend a final course of are not conclusive and cannot be used to action. Data collection Unstructured or semi-structured Structured techniques such as online techniques e. Develop an initial understanding and sound base for further decision making. Data analysis Non-statistical. generating various views and opinions in a ideas and/or hypotheses for later chosen sample quantitative research  Sometimes followed by  To uncover prevalent trends in qualitative research which is used thought and opinion to explore some findings further Sample Usually a small number of non. selected to fulfil a given quota. Findings are conclusive and usually descriptive in nature. interviews.g.

• To be able to suggest quantitative or qualitative methods that could be used to study the research problem outlined in the scenario. .Determining Whether to Use a Qualitative or Quantitative Approach Objectives: • To determine if a researcher should use a qualitative or quantitative approach to study the research problem outlined in the scenario. • To be able to locate words within the scenario that indicate whether a qualitative or quantitative research approach should be used.

Directions: The scenario describes a problem that the researcher wishes to study. . For the scenario. specify what data a researcher should collect. decide whether the researcher should use a qualitative or quantitative approach and why. Also.

• Will you design a quantitative or qualitative study? Question 2. • What word(s) in the scenario gives you a clue as to whether you would design a quantitative or qualitative study? Question 3. This activity contains 3 questions. Question 1. You have noticed that in your school that seems to be true.You have been reading a journal article about the differences between sixth grade boys and sixth grade girls in mathematics. • What are some possible research methods that you might use? . In fact. You decide to do some research to determine if this is true. you find that the girls in your school appear to have higher grades in math than the boys in your school. The article states that girls are outperforming boys in their knowledge of math skills.