1) SUPERORDINATE GOAL-ORIENTATION-- ( SGO ): Statements indicating a person¶s concern for larger goal or a goal beyond his own needs. EXAMPLES: A) I want to serve my country. B) I want to serve humanity. C)I want to fulfill the will of God. 2) CONCERN FOR PERSONAL EXCELLENCE± ( CE): Statements indicating the need and desire to achieve something unique, those having long term involvement or standards of efficiency and excellence, or those indicating competition with others. EXAMPLES: A) I want to become a doctor. B) I increased the profit of the company. C) I am worried about the low return on my capital. 3) CONCERN FOR INFLUENCE± ( CI ): Statements indicating the writer¶s need or wish to change things, situations, or people. EXAMPLES: A) I want to improve the educational system. B) I want to change the society. C) I am guiding people in my company. 4) CONCERN FOR FAMILY± ( CF) Statements indicating the need or desire of the writer to do something for parents, brothers, sisters and other members of the family. Even references showing concern are scored. EXAMPLES: A) I want to help my father in his old age. B) I am worried about my brother. C) I brought up my younger brothers after my father¶s death. 5) CONCERN FOR OTHERS AND SOCIETY± ( COS): Statements indicating the concern of the writer for other people and society at large. EXAMPLES: A) I want to donate my eyes for the blind after my death. B) Poverty pains me. C) I am working on plans to provide better welfare services for my staff. 6) AWARENESS OF PERSONAL STRENGTHS± ( APS): Statements indicating the strengths of the writer. EXAMPLES: A) I am a good student. B) I am strong in mathematics. C) I am known for my technical skills. 7) AWARENESS OF PERSONAL WEAKNESSES± ( APW): Statements indicating writer¶s limitations or weaknesses. EXAMPLES: A) I am poor in health. B) My English is weak. C) I am short-tempered. 8) AWARENESS OF ACHIEVEMENTS± ( A A ): Statements indicating the past achievements of the writer. EXAMPLES: A) I scored very high marks in the examination. B) I developed the control system for the company. C) I won several prizes.

EXAMPLES: A) I am studying biology to become a doctor. 13) SELF DISCIPLINE± ( SD): Statements showing that the writer is working hard. B) When the raw material was not allowed to be imported. 9) CONCERN FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT± ( CSD): Statements indicating the need or desire of the writer. EXAMPLES: A) I joined classes to improve my English. postpones immediate gratification etc. spends long hours on work. C) I consulted the extension officer to discuss my plans. B) I am preparing to learn accountancy so that when my business grows I can manage properly. Such statements use the future tense. 12) RESOURCE UTILIZATION± ( RU ): Statements showing the writer¶s desire. 14) PLANNING ORIENTATION± ( PO): Statements showing that the writer is involved in some plans for which he is taking some steps. EXAMPLES: A) I met each of the persons involved in the conflict to understand the course of the conflict. to make use of the facilities and resources he sees outside. 15) FUTURE ORIENTATION± ( FO ): Statements talking about the future. 10) INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL± ( ILC ): Statements showing that the writer himself can do something about the problem. 11) PROACTIVE ORIENTATION± ( PO ): Statements indicating that the writer wants to solve problems. I am pretty sure and I can turn the corner. I toured the district to explore what else could be used. I hope to overcome this difficulty. B) After committing myself to my goals I reduced spending more time with my friends and relatives.ELEMENTS OF PERSONAL EFFICACY. EXAMPLES: A) I am planning to improve my English. EXAMPLES: A) I shall start new business as soon as I am relieved of my present job. C) I want to develop motivation. . and his plans to do something for his further growth and development. B) I postponed my marriage because I was busy in setting up the unit. EXAMPLES: A) I work 14 hours a day. or those indicating future plans and concerns. B) I took loan from the bank. B) I will definitely do my post doctoral studies at Harvard. and take initiative in understanding and analyzing a situation. shows self discipline. EXAMPLES: With my hard work and determination. and his tendency. B) I wish to gain experience through visits to other units.

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