A Live Project on CSR in Archana Trust English Medium School

- Presented By Group 7: Anshu Verma (Hrf026) Apurva Dubey (Hrf022) Banashree Basu (Hrf053) Chandana V (Hrf039) Mailapalli Sudhakar C (Hrf036) Rashmi Bhawnani (Hrf049)

Steps of Presentation
‡ Introduction ‡ About Archana Trust ‡ Archana Trust English Medium School ‡ Our Journey at a Glance ‡ Activities Conducted
± Activity I: Learning Through Games ± Activity II- Infotainment in class

‡ Conclusion
‡ Learnings ‡ Recommendation


 It is a way of showing gratitude for all those things that one has which that make their life easy & comfortable.  The objective of the project is to get exposure and understanding of an educational system run by an NGO.Introduction  Corporate social Responsibility or CSR can be defined as a service to the society. which is financed from donations including those from the corporate sector. and at the same time trying to make better the lives of those who are less fortunate. .


the bulk of these Indian illiterates live in the country's rural areas.38%. Current literacy rate in indian villages is 60%  Literacy rate in Maharashtra 76 % .  About 35% of world's illiterate population is Indian.  35% of its population is still illiterate. and just 7% graduate. the Literacy rate of India has shown as improvement at 65.Facts  As per 2001 Population Census of India. only 15% of Indian students reach high school.


Archana Trust is managed by like.minded philanthropic women and advocates the philosophy of empowerment through education and by creating job opportunities that supports economic independence.About Archana Trust  Archana Trust is a charitable organization with a focus to serve the underprivileged with amenities like water. housing and employment opportunities. Asha Singhania  Archana Trust Suburban is a women s social & charitable organization.  Founded in 1981. Its ultimate purpose is to focus on and facilitate the betterment & development of women at large (both privileged & underprivileged). .  The founder trustee of Archana trust is Mrs.

 Constituted on 20th Sep 2000 it is today strength of 300 members and has 2 wings added to the main wing. .  The two wings are constituted to accommodate members as per age group. ‡ The first group is Archana trust suburban.About Archana Trust«« contd.senior. This group is for women of age 55 yrs and above.Rajshree Birla all the trustees work for the effective and smooth functioning of all projects. This group is for women between 20-35 yrs  Under the able guidance of the chairperson Mrs. ‡ The second group is called Archana trust suburban-junior.

Maharashtra Coming up with an interactive talk show discussing How to raise finance effectively by SME Adopted a home for aged at Khadavli. as a fund raiser. What they do: Adopted 5 villages at Shahpur. . This project is executed jointly with ZeeTV.About us«« contd. Maharashtra Have women achiever award project. Organize medical camps in Mumbai & in adopted villages and old age home Organize exhibitions. every year.

Archana Trust English Medium School .

. Shahapur was started under the auspices of Archana Charitable Trust in 1997. The school later shifted to a new location where a modern building befitting a full fledged High School had been constructed. Also a new science laboratory is opened recently. The school have around 500 students.Archana Trust English Medium School New Archana English Medium School. Gymnasium etc are provided to the students. It was an old school taken over by the Trust and run in a small rented house. Various facilities like Computer Centre. Archana Trust established this school with a view to promote quality education in rural areas. coming from diverse backgrounds and studying from classes nursery to STD 10th .


Journey Starts at 4:30 am Reached School at 7:30 am 7:35 am 8:25 am Getting acquainted with school premises and setting up the resources 8:30am 10:30 am Activity 1 Learning Through Games 11:00 am 11:30 am Activity 2 .Infotainment in class 12:30 pm Wrapped up all the activities and bidding farewell to everyone 12: 50 pm Journey back home .

Activities Conducted .

Timings: .1st .Activities Conducted Activity I: Learning through Games Session: .8:30 10:30 am Class: .All of us Round 1: Guessing the actions Round 2: Guessing the voice Round 3: Guessing the Picture Round 4: Musical Chair .First Standard Headed by: .

Timings: .5th (B) STD Class: . Banashree Subject: Science Subject: English .3rd STD Headed by: . Sudhakar and Ms..Mr.. Anshu Subject: Computers Application Practical Headed by: Ms.Activities conducted.5th (A) STD Class: . contd.. Rashmi and Ms..11:00 11:30 Class: .2nd . Apurva Headed by: Ms. Activity II: Infotainment in Class Session: .


Conclusion Part of being a person is about helping others´ Anonymous A society cannot be truly successful with a mentality that every individual should only worry about themselves and in the end things will work out for the best. . An institution of higher learning is meant to provide students with the skills and the knowledge to go out into the world to help others. Education is meant to serve more than just oneself.

Learnings learnings .

Reinforcement of sense of responsibility towards the greater society Noble way to build new relationships Appreciation for one s own blessed lives .Learnings A heaven cannot be built within the surroundings of hell. Similarly a good corporate entity cannot be developed and sustained in the surroundings of a socially unprivileged environment.

Recommendation .

Recommendation This has been a very useful and enjoyable project for us to learn how the work for the under priviledge people is being done under the auspices of corporate social responsibility. . It is suggested that more and more students should be encouraged to take up such projects for a longer period.

). . Prabha Makhariya and Mrs Severine Kunnath who motivated us to receive enormous amount of input and inspiration at the various stages during our project preparation and assisted us in bringing out our project in the present form.Acknowledgement ‡ We wish to express our gratitude to Mrs.Gowri Joshi for giving her valuable time and exemplary guidance during our project which helped us in delivering to our maximum potential. ‡ We would also like to express our deep sense of gratitude to our faculty guide Prof (Dr.

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