By Hassan Baleegh Ur Rehman Dept.

Of Orthodontics FJDCH

Uses of Study Models
yDocument the starting point ySupplement the information

gathered during interview and clinical exam

Information gathered from casts
y Tooth number y Tooth shape and size y Crowding/Spacing 

Morphology, Anatomy, Bolton s

Permanent Dentiotion - Nance Method, 4/6 segments Mixed Dentition Tanaka Jhonston formula, Moyers prediction tables, radiographs

y y y y

Occlusal Relationships Arch Form Curve of Spee Other Special Investigations 

Diagnostics Setup Howe s Analysis The royal London Space Planning

Information gathered from casts
y Assess and Record Jaw Relationships y Model Analysis Surgery y Other information of soft and hard tissues

Limitations of Study Casts yUnerupted Teeth


Soft tissue

y Easy Storage y Easy retrieval and transmission y Dust & Scratches y Measurements y Viewing of inter occlusal contacts y Cross-sectioning tools

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